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Abakrampa Senior High School

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Focus on the teaching of vocational and technical skills at the secondary level, as the educational reforms of 1987, emphasized.

To set up Community Day Secondary Schools to admit majority students from the catchment area where each school was located.

Abakrampa Secondary/Technical School opened for the beginning of the Senior Secondary School programme on 28th January 1991. The pioneer Headmaster was Mr. K.A. Prah, posted from Adisadel College, and operated with a 3-man teaching staff, mainly graduate teachers who were non-professionals, but all national service personnel, who handled mathematics, Agricultural science and General Science, respectively.
The pioneer students enrolled on the opening day of school were made up of 17 boys and 2 girls.

• Home Economics: Foods & Nutrition, Management-in-Living, Economics, Biology
• Visual Arts: Graphic Design, Gen-Knowledge-in Art, Leatherworks, Textiles,
• Agriculture Science: General. Agriculture., Animal Husbandry, Crop & Horticulture, Chemistry, Elective Mathematics
• Business Studies: Accounting, Business Management, Elective Mathematics, Principles of Costing, Economics,
• General Arts: offers Geography, Government, Economics, Literature-in-English.

Abakrampa Senior High School faces serious challenges that hinges on inadequate classroom accommodation for its fast growing student population. Surely, the current five programme pursuit being mounted by the school administration in order to meet satisfaction from its enrolled students , calls for rapid expansion in infrastructure, especially classroom accommodation.
Expansions Since 2006
The school PTA has been working assiduously to provide additional classroom space since 2006/2007 academic year. Initially, the first PTA project was commissioned to commence 2006/2007 academic year.
This is a 2-unit classroom block in current use. In January 2009, the PTA commenced another 6-unit classroom block but designed into a storey block, including washrooms, now at the lintel level of the ground floor. Lack of funds has slowed down the rapid completion of this block which is urgently needed to accommodate fresh students for the ensuing 2010/2011 academic year.
MP’s Classroom Block
The current Member of Parliament for the AAK constituency, Hon. Anthony C. Dadzie, has used part of his Common Fund from Assembly Development programme to build a 3-unit classroom block designed in the form a pavilion to accommodate fresh students admitted for the past 2009/2010 academic year.
Residential Accommodation
Abakrampa Senior High School upon its establishment at its current site has only two residential bungalows for its staff;
• The Headmaster’s Bungalow, and the Assistant Headmaster’s Bungalow.
The absence of residential accommodation for both students and the teaching staff is impeding quality teaching and learning process in the school. Majority of the students live in rented rooms either at New Ebu, about 2 km away from the school, or in Abakrampa township, about one-and half km away from the school. In fact, students walk more than 3km distance from surrounding towns daily to and from school. This results in frequent lateness to early morning lessons.
Computer Laboratory:
The 12 or so computers procured for the teaching of ICT and enable students acquire computing skills break down quite frequently, due to severe pressure on their usage by students in the various classes which patronage the inadequate spaced computer laboratory.
School Library:
The school has a library with a cozy and tranquil atmosphere which can enable students to sit comfortably to read novels, articles, magazines and to undertake research for assignments. With a rapid increase in the population of the school since September 2006, with a continuous rise up to date, the library space has become quite smaller, and now being temporary set into co-habitation with the computer laboratory. In fact majority of the books in stock are out of scope with the teaching syllabus of the MOE, as well as novels suitable for literary works in the English Language.

Abakrampa Senior High School is a member of the Central Regional Schools & Colleges Sports Federation. It belongs to Zone III in the Sports Federation. Hence it takes keen interest in the programmes and competitions that are organized annually. It has to undertake its sporting activities without a playing field until 2007/2008 academic year when it built its own sports field. Since then it has been infused with greater confidence to rub shoulders with sister schools in the Zone iii Division of the Sports Federation

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