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To be the best school both locally and internationally.


The school was founded  to train elite citizens to govern the nation here in Ghana instead of sending them to Britain as was the practice at the time, hence it was to educate the total being not just the academics.

The purpose and ideals for which the School stands are:

  • The best use of the mind and bodies, which God has given us.
  • An equal opportunity for girls and boys in education.
  • Respect for all that is true and lasting value in the Old African culture, beliefs and ways of life.
  • Willing and humble service of the educated for uneducated.
  • Mutual understanding and co-operation between Christians of all dominations, and the growth of the spirit in which the churches shall one day be united again.
  • Friendship, respect and co-operation between all races on equal terms.
  • The belief on which all else rests, in Jesus Christ as the revelation, for all people of the love of God, and as the guide and patterns of our lives

The school crest explains the school’s motto-black and white keys put together. ‘Ut Omnes Unum Sint’ that all may be one, which was designed by Dr Kwegyri Aggrey – His idea is that the black and white race can live together in harmony.


The Governor of the Gold Coast from 1919 – 1929, Sir Gordon Guggisberg was the founder of the school.  He believed that the Gold Coast needed a school of which the standard could be compared to any international high school.  It was to be a model school designed to produce the intelligential of the country that would be drawn from across the length and breadth of the country.

In the contents of its curricula, Achimota sought to turn out a total product, a complete person whom, upon passing through the school would be academically and intellectually prepared with practical hands on skills and a sound moral ethical training and a deep sense of African values.

Guggisberg himself is a surveyor acquired the land in 1923 and paid for it outright at the cost of Four thousand pounds (£4,000). 

Construction of the building started in 1924.  The school was officially opened in January 1927 by the admission of sixty children to lower primary classes.  A year later, the students of the government training college, Accra, were transferred to the college and in 1929 the first upper primary and secondary section were also opened.

The estate has a circumference of over a thousand and nine hundred yards.  H.R.H. the Prince of Wales opened the first buildings and both the school and college bear his name.  The Prince of Wales College:

The first Principal was Rev. A.G Fraser and the first Vice Principal was Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey toured the country and explained the usefulness of the system to the general public convincing them to send their children to Achimota.  Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey, the first Vice Principal acted as the interpreter.  To show the example Nana Sir Ofori Atta I, King of Akyem Abuakwa sent his daughter to Achimota – Susan Ofori –Atta – Girls Senior Prefect 1933 and she became the 1st Lady Medical Doctor in Ghana.   .

The school was founded on Christian principles.  We refer to the Governor, Sir Gordon Guggisberg, the first Principal Rev. A.G. Fraser and the First vice Principal Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey as the triumvirate or Founders of the school.  The school therefore celebrates its Founders’ Day on the first Saturday of March every year.

Status of the Institution 

The school is mainly a boarding institution with some few day students. There are fourteen (14) boarding houses equally distributed among the boys and girls.

The school uses the following telephone lines:

Headmistress 030-2400552

Assistant Headmistress 030-2400551

Bursar 030-2400554

Principals of Achimota College

Rev. A.G. Fraser 1924 – 35

Rev. H.M. Grace 1935 – 39

Rev. R.W. Stopford 1941 – 45

Headmasters/mistress of Achimota School

H.C. Neil 1946 –49

R.G. Rendall 1949 – 53

A.W.E. Winlaw 1954 – 59

D.A. Chapman 1959 – 63

I.K. Chinebuah 1963 – 65

A.P. Rudwick 1965 – 77

Rev. Canon Ankrah 1977 – 81

A.A. Dadey 1982 – 85

R.W. Asiedu 1985 – 95

  1. Brew-Graves (Mrs) 1995 – 2002

Adelaide D. Kwami (Mrs) 2003-2006


Over the years the school has chalked a lot of success in the SSSCE and WASSCE. In national competitions such as the National Science and Maths quiz, the school had been on two (2) occasions first and second on other occasions. 

The sons and daughters of the school had and are still serving the country in many ways. Many have made their mark as judges, lawyers, doctors, engineers, chiefs, administrators, top civil servant, diplomats, company directors, bankers, economists, vice chancellors, lectures, soldiers, journalist, writers, musicians etc.

Vice Chancellors of Universities of Ghana

1st Ghanaian Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana     – Prof. A.A. Kwapong is an Achimotan.

2nd  Ghanaian Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana     – Prof. Adjei Bekoe is an Achimotan.

3rd  Ghanaian Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana     – Prof. Akilakpa Sawyerr is an Achimotan.

4th  Ghanaian Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana     – Prof. George Benneh  is an Achimotan.

5th  Ghanaian Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana     – Prof. Addae Mensah  is an Achimotan.

University of Cape Coast

Vice Chancellor Prof. Boateng is an Achimota

University of Science and Technology

Vice Chancellors Prof. Evans Anfom Is an Achimotan

Prof. F.O. Kwami Is an Achimotan

Prof. E.H. Amonoo-Neizer Is an Achimotan

Prof. Andam Is an Achimotan

Heads of State

1st President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Is an Achimotan

2nd President Dr. Akuffo Addo Is an Achimotan

3rd President Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings Is an Achimotan


Achimota School has a number of facilities. For example well equipped Classrooms, a library stocked with books and laboratories for science practical.

The school has an athletic oval, basket ball court and football field for its sporting activities. 

  1. General Arts: Literature, Christian Religious Studies, Government, French, Music, Economics,  Geography,  History, Elective Mathematics, Literature in English
  2. General Science: Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Elective Mathematics, Geography
  3. Agricultural Science: Physics, Chemistry, Animal Husbandry, General. Agriculture
  4. Home Economics: Management In Living, Food Nutrition, Clothing &Textiles, Economics, Chemistry
  5. General Arts: General Knowledge in Art, Picture Making, Graphic Design, Textiles, Ceramics, Jewellery, Economics, Literature in English

The school organizes a number of activities to boost the confident level of its students. 

These include:

  • Singing competitions among houses
  • Public speaking and school plays

Again, in order to encourage agriculture among the citizenry and more especially students of the school, gardening competition is organized for the students.

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