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On the 4th of January, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (S.P.G.) established a Grammar school now Adisadel College with 29 foundation boys.
The main objective of the Society for the propagation of the Gospel was to establish an institution to provide education for the children of members of the Anglican Church and also to train young men with the right inclination and aptitude for the ministry to advance the work of the local church in their priestly capacity.
In 1924 the school was placed on the Government Assisted list and received subvention from the Government. The year 1924 saw the Anglican Mission renaming the school Saint Nicholas Grammar School.
In 1929, the Rt. Rev. John Alan Knight was made the Headmaster with S.R.S. Nicholas as the Assistant Headmaster. To accommodate a growing student population, they secured land from the Royal Ebiradze family on a Hill Top near Adisadel village for the current campus. The pair, Rt. Rev. John Alan Knight and S.R.S. Nicholas inspired and led the staff and students to construct the first building on the new campus in 1936. The name of the school was finally changed to Adisadel College.

The school is currently running a four-year Senior High School Course for the students and prepares them to sit for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in the following disciplines.
a. General Science :. ICT or Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics.
b. General Arts: Elective Mathematics, Economics and Geography. OR. Literature in English, History, Christian Religious Studies and Government or French or Music.
c. Business: Financial Accounting, Business Management, Principles of Cost Accounting or Elective Mathematics.
d. Visual Arts: General Knowledge in Art, Graphics, Economics or Elective Mathematics and Ceramics or Picture Making.

In addition to academic training, Adisadel College students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Apart from participating in the programmes of about thirty five various clubs and societies in the
College, which includes WDDC, AFS, SYTO, GUNSA, CADET CORPS, FFL, BLACK ENGINEERS etc, sporting activities such as football, basketball, and table tennis occupy the students. These keep the boys fit and also promote better understanding of each other.
Their spiritual lives are taken care of even though the College is predominantly Anglican. Room is created for non-Anglicans to organize church programmes without interference. One can therefore say that
Adisadel College creates a platform for students to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually.
Adisadel College is a college with longstanding tradition. Through the commitment of the students, the College has always shot up to its highest peak as the motto says, “VEL PRIMUS VEL CUM PRIMIS”.
(Either the first or with the first”). It is living up to its motto in academic achievements, sporting activates and anything worth competing for. This has made the College achieve enviable records. The past students (The Santaclausians) of the College are dynamic and hardworking and are excelling in their fields of endeavour.

The school has employed a qualified nurse to take care of the health needs of the students. Cases that are beyond her are always referred to the urban clinic which is close to the school or to the regional hospital.

The Guidance and Counselling department has three qualified staff who take care of the counselling needs of the students. Orientation for new staff and students are handled by them. Career guidance are always offered to the students to choose subjects and programmes that would lead to their future careers. When students flout school rules the department assist the students

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