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Adukrom Senior High Technical School

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In 1925, the school began its existence as a Middle Boarding School to serve Adukrom-Akuapem township and its environs. The name SALEM, as it was then known was run by the Basel Missionaries, the forerunners of the present Presbyterian Church of Ghana.
The Middle Boarding School was upgraded to a Teacher Training College in the year 1965, when the need arose for the establishment of more teaching training colleges in the country.
In the early 1970’s, it was again converted into a Secondary Institution and it was called the Nifa Secondary School. Nifa Secondary School was moved to its present site, situated on the Akuapem-Apirede road, and the old site was converted into one of the Experimental Junior Secondary Schools in the country in the year 1976.
The school eventually became a community-based Senior Technical School to offer Technical, Agriculture Science and Vocational programmes, under the 1987 Ghana Educational Reforms. At that time, the student-population was very small; with about nineteen (19) subject masters and thirteen (13) non-teaching staff.
(i). Year of establishment: The school was established in 1991.
(ii). Location: The school is situated at Adukrom-Akuapem near the Presbyterian Church building.
Boarding: The school is now running a boarding facility for both boys and girls. A ground floor and single-storey dormitory is housing girls while the boys have their different apartment. .

The school continues to have the following vision: There is a partnership of students and the community. The school intends building a model Senior High Technical School that will develop skills and values that allow students to realize their potentials and also contribute positively to their communities.
The school ensures effective use of instructional periods, to inculcate effective supervision of teaching and learning. The school positively encourages practical work in Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Metal, Woodwork and Visual Arts.

The mission of the school is acute discipline. Since discipline of teachers, the non-teachers and students is the major concern of the school, we believe that academic work can only thrive in a disciplined environment. The school sanctions students and members of staff for things that militate against discipline. The school, at the moment, has not yet and absolutely achieved its desired goals but we are getting there.

The school has a crest. The design is a Hand with a torch, and a Heart on a book. The motto of the school is “Education for Development”.

Regional Games: The school won trophies in the following competitions:
2007 – Inter – schools Athletic Championship
– 2nd position in Boys’ Volleyball championship
– 5th position in Boys Soccer competition
– 3rd position in Boys’ Basketball competition.

(a.) Academic:
(i.) Laboratories: The school has an improvised science laboratory,. The room provided as the school science laboratory is very midget and insufficiently stuffed with laboratory equipment.
(ii.) Classrooms: The school at the moment has 12 classrooms. Since the student’s population is growing, 12 classrooms cannot sufficiently accommodate about 700 students. This digest is kindly taking this opportunity to ask any donor to provide the school with additional four (4) classrooms.
(iii.) Library: The school has a stock of books but the room provided as library is very small. Through donations, some books were received from the school Library Board, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and VALCO. It is hoped that this digest will provide the need to solicit for more books to keep the library up to date.
(b). Non-Academic:
The school has a football field and lawn-tennis court as playing grounds. There is a large parade ground in the arena of the school.

a. Agricultural Science: General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Physics
b. Technical: Building and Construction, Technical Drawing, Elective Mathematics and Physics, Metalwork and Woodwork
c. Home Economics: Management – in- Living, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, General Knowledge-in-Art, Biology and Graphic Design
d. Visual Arts: Textiles, General Knowledge -in-Art, Biology and Graphic Design

The school places emphasis on co-curricular activities. The school has at the moment the following clubs:
Writers Club, Drama Club, Wildlife Club, Literary and Debate Club, Family Life Education Club, GUNSA, Cadet Corps, . Scripture Union, Entrepreneurship Club, The School Choir

i. Old students: The old students have been tremendously helpful to the school. An old student, who is now in Canada, donated to the school two high-speed photocopiers.
ii. Parent-Teachers Association (P.T.A): Association has assisted the school in numerous development projects, not leaving the construction of an additional classroom block. The Association has purchased a generator for the school The school has a P.T.A computer laboratory, accommodating twenty (20) computers.
iii. Traditional Authority: The Authority notifies the school about nefarious activities of some students who roam about in town.
Iv. District: The Akuapem North District helps the needy but promising students by giving them scholarships. This is done through the Okere Constituency Member of Parliament Common Fund. The Assembly has started constructing a water reservoir.
v. Others: Other stakeholders, like Ghana Denmark Friendship Association, have tremendously assisted the school with computers, student’s beds, mattresses, furniture, printer and computer accessories. The Association has helped the school.

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