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Akwamuman Senior High School, Akosombo

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The vision statement of Akwamuman Senior High School, Akosombo, is “To build a reputable school that will produce students of high caliber who will be useful to themselves, their families and the nation’’.

Mission statement is to:
(I) Train students to acquire academic excellence in their various programmes, principally with the aim of entering tertiary institutions;
(II) Produce disciplined students who shall be imbued with a high sense of responsibility;
(III) Uphold the school’s motto “Discipline and Knowledge’’ in their quest to face the realities of life, and
(IV) Work and serve the nation as best as they can.

The School Crest had been thoughtfully carved out to depict a picturesque from the ideas of the school.
The Adomi Bridge and the Volta River beneath the bridge depict the locale of the school, which can be found about six hundred (600) meters from the Adomi Bridge, which is the heart of the Akwamu State.
The opened book with lighted torch depicts knowledge that students are to acquire through assiduously applying themselves to their books. The two lions holding aloft the lighted torch depicts an aspects of Akwamu History, that is, ‘bravery’ which had made the school to earn the accolade “GREAT AKWAMUSEC’’
The school’s motto is DISCIPLINE AND KNOWLEDGE.

ii. Year Of Establishment. School was established as a private school in 1969 by the late Odeneho Kwafo Akoto II, Omanhene of Akwamu Traditional area with the help of other traditional leaders. In January, 1972, it was absorbed into the public education system.
iii. Location Of School: Located at New Powm, about 1km from Atimpoku.
iv. Telephone Number: The school’s telephone number is 0251-20240.
v. Important School Dates: The school celebrates speech and prize giving day annually i.e. In June.
vi. Status: The school is predominantly a boarding school having facilities for both boys and girls. The facilities available are not adequate and over utilized. And also provides day facilities for those in the vicinity who would want to be day students.

i. Academic
a. Classrooms: There are two classroom blocks – a one storey building and two storey building- both having sixteen (16) classrooms. A sixteen (16) unit classroom block is currently under construction.
b. Science Resource Centre: The school is the Asuogyaman District Science Resource Centre. The school is constructing a gigantic Science Block complex to befit the status as a Science Resource Centre.
c. Computer Laboratory: The school has a computer laboratory donated to her by the Volta River Estates Ltd and furnished with about thirty (30) computers.
d. Library: The school has a modern Library with variety of books for the Humanities and the Sciences.
ii. Non- Academic
a. Medical Care: Students who require medical attention are given same at the VRA hospital. Medical expenses of such students are borne by the parents / guardian.
b. Telephone Facility: Telephone facilities are provided by Vodafone and MTN. The telephone booths have facilities for four and two telephones.
c. Canteen: To ensure that students enjoy their meals in a hygienic atmosphere, the P.T.A has constructed a modern canteen to cater for this.
d. Recreational Grounds:The school has a football field, a volley ball pitch, basket ball pitch and parks with garden- chairs for relaxation.

a. Business (Accounting Option): Business Management, Business Mathematics & Principles of Costing, Principles of Accounting, Elective Mathematics, Economics
b. Visual Arts: General Knowledge in Art, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Elective Mathematics, Economics
c. Home Economics: General Knowledge in Art, Management in Living, Foods and Nutrition, Biology
d. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics
e. General Arts: Literature in English, Economics, History, Government, Elective Mathematics, French, Christian Religious Studies, Geography

The following are the list of clubs and societies operating in the school:
Drama/Debating Club, French Club, Scripture Union, School Choir, Civic Club, Science Club, Red Cross, Wildlife & Green Life Club, Aids Club, Business Club, Brass Police Cadet

I. Old Students: The Old Students Association is a vibrant one, contributing immensely to the development of the school.
II. Parents-Teacher Association (PTA)
The PTA is actually the backbone of the school. The Association has provided a number of infrastructure and facilities over the years: Boy’s dormitory, 6 unit-classroom blocks with staff common room attached, furnishing of the staff common room, a 60 seater Tata Bus, 4×2 Tata pick-up and computers. On going projects include the construction of a 16 unit-classroom block and a girls’ dormitory. The association awards staff who have served the school for many years and handsomely see of pensioned staff.
III. Traditional Authority
The school is in close relationship with the traditional authority which provided land for the establishment of the school.
IV. District Assembly
The Assembly supports the school where the need arises and most especially in the provision of materials when the school embarks on some project. There is cordial relationship between the school and the assembly.

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