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  1. VISION:

“Charged with the responsibility to provide Secondary, vocational and technical educations to all students of Atiavi Senior High Technical School to enable them acquire skills in order to have increased access to job opportunities in consonance with the Ministry’s goals and aspirations”.


“To provide quality and relevant education to all inhabitants of the area regardless of gender and creed to enable them acquire skills that will help develop their mental and physical potentials to be useful citizens for their various communities and the entire country and to contribute positively towards the development of the society in which they find themselves”.

  •   CREST:

At the top end of the Crest denote the Scissors that our girls and boys in the Home Economics Department can depend on it for their living after leaving the school.  The hoe at the left side of the crest denotes the farming activities of the school since the school is Agric bias.  The Hammer at the right hand end of the Crest signifies that our

  • MOTTO:discipline and perseverance
  2. Name of the School: Atiavi Senior High Technical School
  3. Year of establishment: It was established in 1991 as the only Secondary Technical School that serves the catchment area as a Community Secondary School.
  • Location: It was established and located at Atiavi-Agbodekor.  It started at the premises of the then Primary school.  It later moved to the present site called Atiavi-Gadame in 1994 in the Keta Municipality at the Southern part of the Volta Region.  The plot of Land on which it is currently sited is a 65 acre land donated by the community.  The school is actually a deprived school by its nature as a result of the catchment area which is a farming and fishing community.
  1. Telephone Number: Currently the school has no telephone number.
  2. The Present Headmaster of the school is Mr. Normenyo Emmanuel Kwaku. A Deputy Director of Education.
  3. Important School Dates: A series of Speech and Prize giving days were observed at the early years of the school’s establishment, the subsequent ones could not be held.  However, plans are underway to celebrate it this year. .District Cultural Festival was also held in 2008 on this Campus.
  5. The school scored 100% in the WASSCE results in 2007 – 2009.
  6. The School also excelled in the Regional Milo Games Competition as follows:
i 2001 Ho 1st
ii 2002 Koforidua 2nd
iii 2003 Ho 1st
  1. In the Zonal Sports and games competition, the school wins most of its events particularly the Volley Ball in which we are always the defending Champions. In the area of sports the school does not do much because we lack necessary facilities for training e.g. football field and others.

Some other achievements in terms of SSCE and WASSCE are as follows:

1. SSSCE 2000 92.5%
2. SSSCE 2002 67.2%
3. SSSCE 2003 93.6%
4. SSSCE 2004 96.3%
5. WASSCE 2007 100%
6. WASSCE 2008 100%
7. WASSCE 2009 100%
  2. i) Academics

a       Classrooms:  Presently, the school has eleven (11) classrooms, one machine shop and a workshop for practicals.  In addition, a six (6) unit classroom block at the foundation level funded by HIPIC Fund is abandoned.

b        Laboratories:  The school has one Science laboratory with store attached but not well-equipped.

  1. Library:  The School has a Library but not well-equipped with modern and relevant reference books.  Some of the books do not serve the purpose for which they have been supplied making it difficult for students to derive maximum benefit. The sitting capacity of the library too is not enough to accommodate a lot of students at a time.
  2. ii) Non-Academic:

Recreational Ground:  The School has no single playing field.  All athletics and field events as well as games take place on the Basic Schools grounds about one kilometer away from the School’s Campus.  Unfortunately too, there is no Physical Education Master.  Only volunteer Teachers train our students

  2. Agriculture Science: General Agriculture, Horticulture, Chemistry, Mathematics
  3. Business (Accounting): Business Management, Business Mathematics & Principles of Costing, Principles of Accounting, Economics, Elective Mathematics
  4. Technical Programme: Building & Construction, Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Elective Mathematics
  5. Vocational (Home Economics): Management –In – Living, Foods & Nutrition, Economics
  6. General Arts: Literature in English, EWE, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, Economics, Government, Elective Mathematics

Other activities on campus include Scripture Union and Catholic Students Union.  Those activities are not well pronounced on Campus.  Efforts are now being made by the new Headmaster to stress the importance of school clubs and societies and their formation to suit the spiritual, social, mental and physical development of the students.  Some of these clubs and societies include, Civic Education Club, HIV awareness Club, Debating Society, School Drama group, Cadet Corp, to mention but a few.


OLD STUDENTS:  The activities of the Old Students in terms of assistance to the School is yet to be seen since this Association is yet to be formed.

PARENT –TEACHER ASSOCIATION (P.T.A.)  The P.T.A. though not very vibrant, supports the school in its small way in various ways.  Those worth mentioning are as follows:

  • Provision of Tables and Chairs
  • Provision of Mono Desks
  • Completing Students’ Hotel
  • Engaging Part-Time Teachers for areas there are no teachers
  • Completing first years classroom block

ATIAVI DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (A.D.A.)  This Association is more or less the backbone of Atiavi Senior High Technical to date.  It provided infrastructure and others like extension of electricity to the School.  It often helps to organize Speech and Prize Giving Days to support the school.

TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY:  The Dufia of Atiavi, Torgbui Adri III and his elders and other clans generously donated land for the permanent sitting and establishment of Atiavi Secondary Technical and for future expansion.

MUNICIPAL ASSEMBLY:  The Municipal Assembly at Keta from time to time gives assistance to the school through development partners and some N.G.Os such as DANIDA, WORLD VISION INTERNATIONAL etc.  Some of its assistance to the school includes provision of – KVIP       – DANIDA project Ferrow Tanks, – Six –seater water closet toilet,  Six Unit classroom blocks yet to be completed, to mention but    few.

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