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  1. VISION:

Nothing in this world is done without an ulterior motive.  Eremon Senior High Technical School was establish with the aim of training the young ones to became socially desirable, self-employed.  Since it is the vision of government to bring up the youth in this manner, the community in its small way is aiding to realize this vision.


Policy makers, for that matter, in Education, aim at bringing Education to the doorsteps of the people.  This is demonstrated by setting Schools in the remote communities.  Eremon Senior High Technical School is technically bias and it is suitable for a community of this nature, that is more handy in their activities than theoretical.


The School crest is in a shield form, with lighted candle dividing it.  To the right side of the shield is an open book.  This portrays the knowledge one can obtain from books as a School can not operate without the use of books.

To left hand side of the shield is a hammer and a spanner.  These indicate the ability to use tools to earn a living.  It further shows that much work in a technical School is handy (practical).

Below the shield is the self explanatory motto – EDUCATION FOR A LIVING.  Even though one needs academic excellence to be enrolled in this School the practical ability is also paramount.  In a nutshell this is what the School crest wants to tell us.


Eremon Senior High Technical was opened in 1991 as a community based Secondary Technical School under the name EEREMON SECONDARY TECHNICAL SCHOOL.  It aims at training students drawn from all parts of the Country and some of the Community artisans who so wish.

The School is situated 8 kilometers East of Lawra, the District Capital, on the Lawra-Han-Tumu road.  The School campus is boarded to the East and North by Eremon, to the West by Zambo and to the South by Gbengbee, Duula and Nanyare.

STATUS:                The School is a boarding


With the inception of the Boarding status the enrolment shot up and the results improved.  For the last three years the School has scored hundred percent through out.  Some of these students are in the Universities and other higher places of learning.

The School competes favorably with others in the National Science and Mathematics Quizzes, in the field of games and sports the School is noted for the long distance races.

Currently the School hosts the Science Jamboree and the Regional Milo games this month (February, 2010).  The School does not have a telephone number as such telephone booths have been installed on campus for the students, teachers and the community by the Vodaphone Company.


For academic purposes there are 14 classrooms, and a laboratory but not adequate.

The School is a VOTEC Institution that operate Wood work, Mechanical work, Auto Mechanic, Building and Construction and Electricals.

The School has a beautiful constructed football field where all sorts of sporting activities can conveniently take place.

  2. Agricultural Science: General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
  3. Technical: Applied Electricity, Auto Mechanics, Building & Construction, Metal Work, Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Physics
  4. Home Economics: Management in living, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Economics, Biology
    • There is a Parent Teacher Association which is very active. It holds meetings twice in a term.  It has assisted the School in several ways.  At the moment they are mobilizing funds for a building project, i.e. a semi detached bungalow for the School.

It has helped repair two school vehicles.

  • The traditional Authorities play their role by keeping their subjects informed about any thing the school wants of them.

They periodically visit the School to listen to the problems of the School.

  • The District Assemble.

Two 2-in-one Staff bungalows, a dining hall and a K. V. I. P have been constructed by the District Assembly not quite long.  Meanwhile in the inception of the School 1991 the Assembly constructed 3 classrooms and a library block, an administration block and the Vocation workshop.

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