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Gushegu Senior High School



Post Office Box GU 11, Gushegu District, Telephone No. 07193446



The vision of the school is to train and produce scholars of various backgrounds across the breath and length of the country (Ghana) who are intellectually, spiritually emotionally and physically sound and who will in turn create and promote sound and conducive atmosphere for the judgment of education and other sectors in the district and the nation at large.


Gushegu Senior High School is intended to make Senior High Education accessible and also provide quality Senior High Education to qualified Junior High School Graduates in the District and nation (Ghana) at large for the acquisition of good attitudes and skills that will enable them develop their potentials to productive and reasonable to themselves and mother Ghana.


The crest of the school has a book showing academic excellence, a hoe and a cutlass symbolizing the agricultural activities of the locality and the traditional area of the school.


The motto of the school is “work, discipline and success” implying with hard work well discipline there will surely be success.


Gushegu Senior High School was established in February, 1991 under the PNDC administration as part of Government policy to expand and extend secondary education to the entire nation (Ghana)

The school was started with thirty-three (33) students out of which twenty-nine (29) were males and four (4) females.  The school started without a permanent structure; as such the students were housed by the District Assembly in the Assembly Hall as a temporal measure.  It began with Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Saani as the first headmaster and the only teacher for time; for being the headmaster and the only teacher of the school he had to teach all the nine (9) subjects offered by the school at the time.  The school started as an agricultural science school.

In February, 1992, three (3) National Service Personnel and an Assistant Headmaster were posted to the school to beath up the staffing strength.  The school by then had admitted the second batch of students.  Around this time, a permanent site had been acquired and a structure put in place for the two (2) batches of students moved form the Assembly Hall to occupy the new structure.

The school at its establishment was put into four houses known as House 1, House 2, House3 and house four.  The names of the houses were later on changed to the following:

House 1 – Gushenaa House representing the custodian of Gushegu Tradition (BLUE)

House 2 – Bavugu House representing the custodian of the land on which the school is sited (RED)

House 3 – Rawlings’ House representing the President for the Republic of Ghana under whose administration the school was established (GREEN)

House 4 – Saani House representing the first Headmaster of the school (YELLOW)


The school is a Day School with one hostel for girls and another for males who come from a distant place and have no direct relatives in the place


The school did not make any significant achievement in the 1993 – 1996 academic periods as it will be accepted that it was the only Headmaster who taught all subject.  However the following achievements were gained:

2000 the school had 5.9 over the percentage pass

2001 the school had 6.7 over the percentage pass

2002 the school had 6.7 over the percentage pass

2003 the school had 11.4 over the percentage pass

2004 the school had 7.2 over the percentage pass

2005 the school had 11.7 over the percentage pass

2006 the school had 10.7 over the percentage pass

2007 the school had 48.0 over the percentage pass

  2. The Academic Facilities
  3. Classrooms

The school has eleven (11) classrooms for classroom accommodation The District Assembly has given out two (2) classroom blocks for construction.  Each block is made up of the three (3) classrooms an office and store room.  This gives a total of six (6) new classrooms with one of them almost completed and the other at the foundation level.

  1. Laboratory

The school has a laboratory comprising of a Biology, Chemistry and Physical laboratories.

  • Library

There is a library in the school but which cannot contain over forty students at a time.  The types of books in the library are not the best in terms of suitability of the level of the students.  Some are archaic and the rest above the level of the students.  Some new and modern books have been donated by some benevolent and NGOs like the World Vision International, Camfed and Somli.

  1. Non Academic

Recreational Grounds

The school has a standard football field, volley ball court and an athletics oval used by both students and sometimes masters and students.

  2. General Arts: Economics, Islamic, Dagbani & Government
  3. Agricultural Science: Elective Mathematics, General Agric, Chemistry, Crop Husbandry
  4. Business: Economics, Costing, Financial, Accounting & Management

The school has taken part in various co-curricular activities including sporting like soccer with other sister schools and between the various houses.

Debate, Drama, cultural dance and drumming have been activities encouraged by the authorities and liked by the students.

Competition in debate among sister schools have given this institution of a great name.

General cleaning of our surrounding has been a routine

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