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Providing an excellent TVET education which integrates ICT with teaching and learning, using the competency based approach by highly proficient staff to churn out Junior High School Leavers with relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes that make them self entrepreneuring and employable in the fast changing technological market.


We are committed to the following:

  • To provide a competency based approach to teaching and learning and thereby equipping Junior High School graduates with job entry skills needed in industry and commerce.
  • To give self employable skills through entrepreneurship education which enables graduates to be self-employed.
  • To provide the basis for further Technological Education through the study of Core Science, Maths, Integrated Science, English Language, Social Studies and ICT.
  • To increase access to female participation in TVET thereby empowering them to play roles in national development.

The emblem on a yellow background are; a hand tool and an open book.  The hand tool symbolises the development of skills using the hands and the open book symbolises the development of the mind.

MOTTO: Brain and Hands.


Have Technical Institute started as a private entity by the people of Have under the name Volta Polytechnic in 1970, giving Technical training in courses such as Mechanical, Automobile Engineering Building and Construction, Electrical Installation and Business Studies.  However, in 1984/85 academic year, the Institute was absorbed into the Ghana Education Service (GES) under the name Have Technical Institute and relocated to its present place which was formerly a Middle School.  The school now has a population of 450 students.

STATUS OF SCHOOL: Have Technical Institute is predominantly a Day School with hostel facilities for both Boys and Girls.

LOCATION:  The school is located about 150 metres from the main Accra-Hohoe Road on the left side of the Police Station.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:        091 – 95185

IMPORTANT DATES: Plans are underway to mark its 25th Anniversary in November 2010.


Though a less endowed school, with severe constraints the results of the school have been progressively very good.

DEPT                                                              Percentage Passed                               YEAR

Fashion & Designing                                       100%                    2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Electrical Installation                                        100%                                                       2009

M.E.C.P.                                                          100%                                             1994, 2003

Carpentry and Joinery                                     100%                                                       2007

M.V.M.                                                             100%                                                       2006

  2. Academic

Type                                                       No.

Classrooms             –                               8

Workshop                –                               4

Library                     –                               1

  1. Non-Academic

Type                                                       No.

Football field            –                               1

Volley ball court       –                               1

Handball Court        –                               1

  2. The institute runs 8 programmes namely:
  3. Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice
  4. Electrical Installation
  5. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  6. Building and Construction
  7. Carpentry and Joinery
  8. Business Studies
    1. Accounting and
    2. Secretarial options
  9. Fashion and Designing Intermediate
  10. Fashion and Designing Advanced
  11. Stakeholders
    1. Old Students (HOSA)
    2. Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Traditional Authority
  1. Municipal Assembly

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  • Sunday Open all day

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