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Keta Senior High School

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We aspire to remould our school into one of the first twenty-five educational centres nationwide, quintessentially recognised for their strong moral-re-armament, excellent academic output and a first class sporting institution, milling out men and women for our motherland and the world.


We are charged to build our students into decent, mature and dignified people, proud of their heritage; empower our Tutors and Workers, and collaborate with all decent partners in and outside the Education Industry, so our school becomes the first stop of choice for all discerning and determined parents.


Our motto is ‘DZOLALI’ which literally translates ‘Fly Now’. When this is mentioned the response is “Now or Never’. This inspiring motto is more explicit in the story as told by Africa’s greatest humanist- Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey, about the eagle that was feeding with chicks, unspotted by the poultry farmer, but by a visitor.

The latter’s constant charge to the eagle to ‘fly high into the sky where you belong, for you are an eagle not a chick’, and his constant motivation to the eagle (by lifting it up), until one day it answered the visitor’s call is what led the founding fathers to setting up Ketasco. Our motto is reflected in the eagle, king of all birds under the firmament.


Name of Institution

Keta Senior High Technical School, formerly Keta Secondary School – KETASCO, is a co-educational second cycle institution established by the Government under the Ghana Education Trust.

Year of Establishment: Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO) is a co-educational, government assisted institution. The school was founded on February 27, 1953 in the rented premises of Kudjawu house opposite the Electricity Corporation at Dzelukope, Keta, with a student enrolment of 25 – (17 boys and 8 girls). But this humble beginning had great opportunities for the people of the area as it opened up vistas of academic excellence for the youth. Since the establishment of the school, it has become a source of admiration not only for the people of Anlo whose chiefs and people have given it a lot of support, but also for people from all over the country and from all walks of life.

As if by historical design, the school was founded by Mr. Nathan Quao, a Ga, who was the first Headmaster and Mr. S. D. Sorkpor, an Anlo. These two pioneer teachers shared between themselves all the eight subjects that were then offered by the students, as well as the co-curricular activities such as sports and games. These teachers nursed the infant school through its formative years with the active support of Rev. Dr. F.K Fiawoo, an illustrious son of Anlo, who was the first Chairman of the Board of Governors of the school.

The school, over the period of 57 years, has had nine Headmasters. Their names and periods of headship have been outlined below:

  1. Nathan Quao (1953—1956)
  2. J. W. Abruquah (1957—1963)
  • Mr .R. E .K. Matanawui (1963—1970)
  1. F. Y. Amuzu (1970—1983)
  2. J. A. K. Kaleku (1984—1988)
  3. C. K. Mensah (Acting 1983-1984 and1988—1990)
  • J. Y. Deku (1990—2005)
  • D. O. Gbagbo (2005—2007)
  1. D. K. Sedanu-Kwawu (2008—Date)


The school is situated at Dzelukope, a few metres from the old Shell Service Station

Important School dates

Founders’/Awards day                                    27th February

Change in command of the Cadet corps                         A Saturday in March

Handing over day for out-going seniors                         March/April


In 2008 out of the 414 students presented, it had as usual 100% pass. The individual grades were excellent – over 300 qualified for direct entrance into University worldwide.

In 2009 out of the 501 students presented, the school scored 100% pass; 386 qualified to enter any University. The school had more than 50 distinctions.

  1. National Science and Mathematics Quiz

The school has been regularly participating in the Brilliant/Primetime National Science and Mathematics Quiz Competition and has been putting up brilliant performances. In 2008 as usual when she participated in the quiz competition, she demolished other equally great schools – St. Augustine’s, Mfantsiman Girls, Techiman Senior High. We however lost narrowly to Wesley Girls and emerged fourth nationwideiii. Regional Games

The school has firmly placed her name on the web when it comes to basketball. For two years running she has remained the regional champions in the basketball. At the National Basketball competition dubbed Sprite-ball, she  remained the runners-up for these two years, after Achimota in 2008 and Armed Force Senior High School in Accra in 2009.

In 2008 and 2009 the school was the runner-up in the National Constitution Game contest organised by the National Commission for Civic Education and became the National Champion in April 2010.

  2. Academic
  1. Classroom: It has spacious classrooms in three blocks and an attractive and conducive atmosphere for learning.
  2. Laboratories: There are three science laboratories housing the Keta Municipal Science Resource Centre, one computer laboratory and an internet café.
  3. Library: A well stocked library is available
  4. Non Academic
  5. Recreational grounds

The school has one sports field on which football, basketball volleyball are played and track and field events are held.

  1. Agriculture Science: General Agriculture, Crop Husbandry, Animal Husbandry, Chemistry, Physics, Elective Mathematics
  2. Business (Accounting): Business Management, Business Mathematics & Prin. of Costing, Principle of Accounting, Economics, Elective Mathematics, French, Music
  3. Technical: Electronics, Building & Construction, Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Physics, Elective Mathematics, French, Chemistry
  4. Vocational (Visual Arts): General knowledge in Art, Graphics Design, Picture making, Ceramics, Leather Works, Sculpture, Basketry, Textiles, Music, Economics, Elective Mathematics, Literature in English, Chemistry, Biology
  5. Vocational (Home Economics): General knowledge in Art, Management in living, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Economics, French, Chemistry, Biology
  6. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Geography, French
  7. General Arts: Literature in English, French, Ewe, Music, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, Economics, History, Government, Elective Mathematics

Devotional Service

Although the school is not affiliated to any religious denomination it allows religious activities to be carried out in the school. Students are free to associate themselves with any religious group..

General Cleaning

Tuesday afternoons are reserved for this activity. Every house takes its turn to clean the compound including all buildings.

Current Affairs

Every Thursday afternoon between 1.10 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. is set aside for this. The following are some of the activities involved: Debates on competitive basis among students, Quiz competition in various subject areas, Talks on topical issues like Health, Politics, Economics, Science, etc. These are always followed by question time in which both students and teachers participate actively.

Sports and Games

All students are expected to take part in sports and games organized in the school. Exemption can only be claimed on production of a medical certificate. The sports and games include athletics, soccer, volleyball table tennis, hockey and basketball for both boys and girls

Societies and Clubs

Every student is expected to be a member of at least one of the numerous societies and clubs and take active part in social and cultural activities organized in the school.

The following societies and clubs are recognized in the school

Green Earth Club, Scripture Union, Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Association (GUNSA), French Club, Science and Technology Club, Bright Future Drama Troupe, Science and Mathematics Club, Writers’ and Debaters’ Club, Ghana Wildlife Society, Eco-Geog. Tourism Club, Catholic Students’ Union


The following are the stakeholders of the school;

  1. The traditional rulers
  2. The Old students
  3. The P.T.A.

Flour mixing, corn, pepper & tomato mills, 18-unit staff flats — 3 units completed, 10 street lights,  A 50-PC computer lab,  A Honda power generator , A nine-seater Benz bus , 3 Big Rambo polytanks,  part-sponsorship of sports and school celebrations , 10. Payment of 1/3 cost of Strategic Management Workshop for staff, 11. Revolving salary advance for staff

  1. Members of the community

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