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Kpedze Senior High School

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  1. Our Vision:

We wish to develop and nurture a school with a clean environment in which children will be trained to obtain excellent results in all core subjects – English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Information-Communication-Technology.

  1. Our Mission:
  • To maintain a clean environment devoid of rubbish and other unhygienic conditions.
  • To ensure that erosion is properly checked and to develop lawns and tree-gardens that will provide shade for use by members of the school community.
  • To achieve maximum effectiveness of teaching and learning by putting an Academic Monitoring Team in place to help Administration to monitor performance of teachers and students.
  • To make farms to produce some of our main food items, e.g., maize, beans and cassava so that we may have enough for students to eat.
  • Hold regular Sunday and Wednesday sessions with the school chaplain to ensure that enough moral lessons are given to the students, to avoid diverting their energies into negative activities.
  1. History

The school started in October 1962 as a Government institution; it was never privately run. In 1962, the Kpedze Youth Association was organizing to build a Community Center in Kpedze. They had put some money together for the purpose.. The Hon. Hans Kofi Boni, then Volta Regional Commissioner convinced the Youth Association to divert £100.00 of this money into construction of buildings for the establishment of a secondary school in Kpedze. Hon. Boni then lobbied for the yet-to-be-born school to benefit from a fund that was available at the Volta Regional office; the school got £250.00. This gesture encouraged the Youth to support the plan to establish a school. Hon. Boni’s efforts were strongly supported by his party colleague and friend, the Hon. Dowuna-Hammond, the then Minister for Education.

The first temporary classrooms were constructed with the seed money from the Youth Society and the £250.00 Government grant. Boni. The people of Kpedze had to do the constructional work by communal labour. For dormitories, the Gbesemetey family donated their houses free of charge. Messieurs C. K. Gbena, Vincent Atsrim and Hon. Boni also released their houses for use as staff accommodation.

In 1965, three years after commencing business, the leaders of the Youth Association and Hon. Boni, who was, by virtue of his being a native of Kpedze, a member of the Association called on the community to donate land for a permanent site for the school. Six families responded and donated a total of 198 acres of land on which the school currently stands. The land-donor families include: the Ganafu, Agate, Owusu, Datsa, Libali and Awuma families.

The first Headmaster was Mr. Adobor (later Togbe Adjatekpor of Avatime Traditional Area). He managed the affairs of the school so well that within five years, academic performance became so good that Kpedze Secondary School was comparing favourably with the top schools in the Volta Region.

Location of school: Kpedze Senior High School is located in Kpedze. Kpedze is an old boarder-town situated about five kilometers from Hornuta, the boundary between Ghana and Togo. Kpedze is 44 kilometers away from Ho

Status of School: Kpedze Senior High School is a Day and Boarding Institution

Role call of Headmasters

The following is the Register of all persons who have headed the school, to date:

Name Period Capacity Remarks
1st Mr. S. P. Adobor Nov. 1962 – Sept. 1966 Substantive Deceased
2nd Mr. R. S. K. Tekpor Sept. 1966 – Nov. 1972 Substantive Deceased
3rd Mr. J. D. Dzani Nov. 1972 – May 1979 Substantive Deceased
4th Mr. J. K. Sekor May 1979 – July 1979 Acting Deceased
5th Mr. W. C. Fiati July 1979 – Jan. 1982 Substantive Deceased
6th Mr. R. S. K. Tekpor Jan. 1982 – Nov. 1982 Substantive Deceased
7th Mr. E. K. Adzraku Nov. 1982 – Sept. 1983 Acting Deceased
8th Mr. N. K. Gebe Sept. 1983 – Nov. 1987 Substantive Deceased
9th Miss Margaret Kwawu Nov. 1987 – Sept. 1991 Substantive Deceased
10th Mr. A. A. M. Alayi Sept. 1991 – March 1999 Substantive
12th Mr. D.Y. A. Kekesi May 1999 – April 2004 Substantive
13th Mr. I. K. Akpalu April 2004 – Feb. 2008 Substantive
14th Miss Rosemond Keteku Feb. 2008 – March 2009 Acting Municipal Director
15th Mr. E. K. Keteku March 2009 – Sept. 2009 Acting Municipal Director
16th Mr. M. K. G. Aku Sept. 2009 – date Substantive
  1. School Facilities
  2. Academic
  3. Science Resource Center.
  4. Classrooms. 15 standard classrooms.

iii.            Library: Our library is small; too small for our current student population of over 700 students.

  1. Non-Academic

Recreational Grounds: The school has one of the most beautiful football fields that a senior high school can boast of. Attached this are pitches for volleyball and handball. A modern basketball court is under construction.

  2. Agricultural Science: Physics, Chemistry, General Agriculture, Elective Mathematics
  3. Business (Accounting): Business Management, Principles of Accounting, Economics, Elective Mathematics
  4. Vocational (Home Economics): General Knowledge in Art, Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Clothing &Textile
  5. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics
  6. General Arts: Literature in English, French, Geography, Economics, Government, Elective Mathematics, General. Knowledge in Art



Co-Curricular Activities

Students are involved in several co-curricular activities. Prominent among these are:

  1. School entertainment of various kinds held on Saturday afternoons.
  2. Club meetings and activities held on Sunday afternoons

iii.            Moral and Religious Education held on Wednesday mornings as part of our weekly Wednesday morning assemblies.

  1. Farming. Students go to farm, on house basis on selected Thursday mornings. Each house cultivates one-and-a-half acre farm of maize or cassava or beans each farming season.
  2. Inter-House Cleanliness inspection comes off once a term.
  3. Sunday afternoon school church service for all students and teaching staff.


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