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Kumasi Academy

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Year of Establishment         :               1957
Location                                :               ASOKORE MAMPONG, KUMASI

Telephone No.                      :               03220 – 60097 / 8

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The school seeks to provide:

  • An excellent training based on the best moral principles and practices that Christianity and Ghanaian tradition can offer.
  • An excellent academic and vocational training which will prepare our students for the world of work by making them most fruitful through the attainment of the highest quality of life possible.
  • An excellent training to enable students use their God-given conscience, mind, heart and hand i.e. Their talents, for the promotion of peace and prosperity of mankind.

Motto: “Vouloir c’est pouvoir”, meaning, “where there is a will there is a way.”


The school was founded by a group of American Baptist Missionaries who acquired land from the chiefs and people of Asokore Mampong in 1954. In 1956 a Middle School and a Seminary were established on the said plot of land.

A Secondary School was added to the Middle School and the Seminary by Rev. Poe, who named it Sadler Baptist College after one of the missionaries in 1957. Rev. Poe who established the Secondary School became the first Headmaster of the then Sadler Baptist School.

In 1960, the Seminary was moved from Asokore Mampong to Abuakwa, leaving the Secondary School at the present site. Rev. Poe was later succeeded by Madam Nadine Lovan, another white missionary, as the Head of the Sadler Baptist School. The school became one of the most popular schools in Ghana because of the Baptist Missionaries’ strict adherence to discipline.

Later, as a result of a friction between the then Government and the Baptist Mission over the administration and running of the school, the mission found it more expedient to leave the scene and therefore handed over the school to the government on two conditions viz, that the name “Sadler Baptist” be changed and that the teaching of religion in the school should be in the hands of the Baptist Mission. The government accepted their arrangement and Sadler Baptist College was eventually phased out.

On 1st April 1964, the Ministry of Education appointed a new Headmaster in the person of Mr. Emmanuel Osei – Kofi to re-start the school. It was named Asokore Mampong Secondary School and later in 1966 renamed Kumasi Academy. Mr. Osei – Kofi remained the Headmaster until 1971. The school has since been headed by the following to date:

Name of Head                                                       From                                       To

  1. Emmanuel Osei – Kofi 1964                                        1971
  2. Peter Osam Sanful Jnr. 1971                                        1973
  3. B. W. De-Graft Johnson 1973                                        1975
  4. Thomas Baidoo 1975                                        1978
  5. E. K. Baah – Gyimah 1978                                        1983
  6. L. K. Ankobia 1983                                        1984
  7. E. K. Adjei 1984                                        1987
  8. Beatrice Addo (Nee Bonsu) 1987                                        2005
  9. Alex K. Conduah 2005                                        2011
  10. Eunice Appiah – Nkansah 2011                                        To date

Kumasi Academy runs both the boarding and day systems. The school currently has six dormitories; four for the boys and two for the girls. A P.T.A. sponsored 3 storey dormitory project and a K.M.A. sponsored dormitory project are currently under construction.


SSSCE / WASSCE: Students’ performance in these examinations has been improving over the years since the inception of the SSSCE and later the WASSCE in 1993 and 2006 respectively.

The school placed 23rd in the 2003 SSSCE Results League released by the Ministry of Education. In that same results, Kumasi Academy ranked 2nd after Achimota school in the category of mixed schools.


The school has participated in several editions of the National Science and Mathematics Quiz .


The school has been doing remarkably well over the years in both the zonal and super-zonal athletics competitions.

The following are some of the recent achievements chalked in the area of sports.

1999                –               Regional Hockey Champions (Girls’ Division)

2008/09           –               Regional Runners – up Table Tennis (Girls’ Division)

2008/09           –               Runner’s – up, zonal athletics competition (Girls’ Division)

2009/10           –               Regional Table Tennis Champion (Girls’ Division)

2009/10           –               Regional Volleyball Champions (Boys Division)

2009/10           –               Runner’s – up, zonal athletics competition (Girls’ Division)

2010/11           –               Regional Champions Zonal Athletics Competition (Girls)

2010/11           –               Regional Table Tennis Champions (Girls)

2010/11           –               Regional Volleyball Champions (Boys)


The school has forty-four (44) classrooms with both chalk and marker boards, a science laboratory, a computer laboratory, a library, an art studio, a Home Economics Department and a books store. A new library and I.C.T. complex is also under construction.

The school also has the following facilities meant to promote sports and recreation:

–  a football & athletics field

–  a volleyball court

–  a basketball / tennis court

–  table tennis boards and accessories.


General Arts:  Geography, History, Economics, Elective Mathematics, Christian Religious Studies, Literature in English French, Twi, Government

Business: Accounting, Costing, Elective Mathematics, Business, Economics, Business Management, I. C. T

Science Physics Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics

Agriculture: Physics, Chemistry, General Agriculture, Biology, Elective Mathematics, Animal Husbandry   

Visual Arts: General Knowledge in Art, Textiles, Picture Making, Graphic Design Ceramics                 

Home Economics:  General Knowledge in Art, Foods& Nutrition, Management in Living


As a policy, the school encourages students’ participation in co-curricula activities as part of the holistic training being given them. Debates, Quizzes and the participation in the activities of clubs and societies are some of the co-curricula activities students engage in. All clubs and societies have their respective tutor patrons. The following are some of the clubs and societies:

  • Cadet Corps
  • Geography Club
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Photography Society
  • French Club
  • Science Club
  • T. Club
  • Writers’ & Debaters’ Club

The school, through the Administrations maintains excellent relations with our major stakeholders namely:

  1. Old Students’ Association (AKUNINI)
  2. Parent Teacher Association
  1. The Chiefs and People of Asokore Mampong
  2. The Metropolitan and Regional Directorates of Education

Special mention should be made of the Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) whose contribution to the school over the years has been phenomenal.


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