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Kumasi Senior High School

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Aspire to be the best or among the best institutions in the country in terms of academic and moral excellence.

• Provide excellence training based on the best moral principles and practices that Christianity, Ghanaian Traditions and other religions can offer.
• Provide an excellent academic and vocational training which will prepare our student for the world of work by making them most fruitful both theoretically and practically. This will hopefully help our students to attain the highest possible quality of life.
• Provide an excellent training to enable students use their God- given conscience, heart and hand (ie. Their talents) for the promotion of peace and prosperity of mankind.

Kumasi High School started as a private Secondary School known as Kwame Nkrumah Secondary School. It was established in 1962 by the late S. K. Amoah in rented premises at Asuoyeboah, a suburb of Kumasi. In 1963/64 academic year, it moved to Kwadaso and was housed in rented premises at the present day Peter’s Educational Centre.
The then Kwame Nkrumah Secondary School which was a mixed institution was absorbed into the public school system by the Ghana Government in the 1966 academic year with Mr. Appiah, formerly of Prempeh College as the First Headmaster. After the 1966 military coup which ousted the late President Kwamme Nkrumah’s regime, the Board of Governors of the Kwame Nkrumah Secondary School, sought the approval of the Ghana Education Service and changed the School’s name to Kumasi High School.
In 1986, Kumasi High School was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Boys’ Boarding School. In 1971, through the instrumentality of the late Asantehene Otumfo Opoku Ware II, a 113 acre of land was acquired from the royal stool of Gyinyase for the construction of permanent buildings for the school.
In 1974, amid great fanfare, the then Ashanti Regional Commissioner, the late Commander Joy Amedume cut the sword to commence the construction of most of the buildings seen in the school today.
At the beginning of the 1977/78 academic year, Kumasi High School moved down from its rented premises at Kwadaso to its present and permanent site on the crest of the Gyinyase Hill. A year later, (i.e. during the 1978/79 academic year), the school was given permission to run sixth form courses in Arts, Science and Business. It thus, became the first secondary school to run the Sixth Form course in Business in the Ashanti Region.
Tel. 0233- 051 -28886 / 91780

2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009
No of Candidates 655 698 657 No of Candidates 468 473 545
8 passes 230 421 282 8 passes 331 287 365
7 passes 150 421 282 7 passes 86 95 97
6 130 59 88 6 32 64 50
5 64 42 58 5 11 21 19
4 29 26 45 4 04 04 09
3 20 18 24 3 02 01 01
2 16 09 07 2 01 00 02
1 03 04 06 1 00 00 02
Fail 09 03 02 Fail 01 00 00
Absent 04 02 03 Absent 00 01 00
Cancelled 00 04 04 Cancelled 00 00 00

a. Academic
i. Classroom (Number)
ii. Laboratories
iii. Library
iv. Dormitories
v. Dining Hall

a. Agriculture: General Agriculture

6. ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES Chemistry Physics, Elective Mathematics
b. Business (Accounting Option): Business Management Principles of Costing Principles of Accounting Economics Mathematics
c. Visual Arts: General Knowledge in Arts Graphic Design Textiles Economics
d. Science: Physics Chemistry Biology Elective Mathematics, Geography
e. General Arts Literature in English French, Asante Twi Music Christian Religious Studies Geography Economics History Government Mathematics General Knowledge in Arts

a. Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
b. Traditional Authority
Nana Ako Abenaa Bensua II Kusikyi Stool
c. Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

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