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Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School

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Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School, as a mission school, exists to fulfill definite functions for:

  1. The church which established it
  2. The state which administers it and
  3. The community in which it operates.
  4. The functions are:

The school exists to inculcate and deepen the Christian faith of its inmates, all things being equal, instill discipline and uphold moral uprightness, offer sound character training and good citizenship.


Our school exists to promote intellectual development for academic excellence.


The school aims at offering such education as will promote physically sound individuals capable of becoming future leaders.


The school aims at holistic educational development.  It offers education that touches the mind, heart and body.


The school crest uses the symbol of LIGHT chasing away DARKNESS (ignorance, sin, backwardness and disease.

Our motto is ARISE and SHINE: Isaiah 60:1.  Our students are expected to rise above the symbolic darkness, shine and show all others the right way to full life.


The crest and annunciated motto mean that at Wesley Girls’, we pursue academic excellence in the practice of STRONG CHRISTIAN FAITH TO LEAD OTHERS IN LIFE.


The genesis of the school dates back to the 1960’s when some concerned Old Methodist School Boys and Girls at the Wesley Methodist Church, now Wesley Cathedral at Adum, felt the need to establish a Secondary School to help parents who could not afford the cost of Boarding Secondary Education for their children.

The idea did not receive much support those days but it did not die out entirely.  As it were, in 1979, Rev. De Graft Johnson, who was then the Superintendent Minister in charge of the Wesley Methodist Church, had the vision and he took a bold decision to set up the school with eleven students.

The school was opened officially on November 11, 1979 at Freeman Methodist Chapel at Moromu.  The school was moved to the Mmofraturo Girls’ Boarding School where it was accommodated in two classrooms and an office.  The enrolment increased to 32 students.  In 1985, it was moved to its present site, opposite the shell filling station and the Tafo Cemetery on the Mampong Road.  It is less than fine minutes drive from Kejetia.

The school was first named Methodist Day Secondary School because it was to be owned and supported by ALL THE METHODIST CHURCHES in Ashanti Region in the name of the entire Methodist Church of Ghana.

At the Effiduasi Synod of the church in 1985, it was found out that the Methodist Churches outside Kumasi were not much interested in the school because it was a Day School which could not admit their wards who wanted to be in the boarding schools.

The ownership of the school was therefore given to the Wesley Methodist Church at Adum.  Thus, it became Wesley Day Secondary School with an increase in student’s enrolment to thirty two.

The Kumasi Diocesan Synod of 1999 decided to annex Wesley Day into Mmofraturo School, with the view to developing it into a composite whole offering first class education akin to that of Wesley Girls’ at Cape Coast, but this time, to serve the church in the Northern Sector of the country.

In 2001, in furtherance of the church’s objective, the school became known and called Mmofraturo Girls’ Secondary School.  The school finally became Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School upon the then Director General of Education’s approval for the change in 2006.

STATUS: Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School was granted the boarding status with effect from the 2006/2007 academic year.


  1. The official opening of the school marks her birthday. The 11th day of November every year is remarkably commemorated.
  2. As a Methodist Institution, John Wesley Day which falls on is also celebrated.
  3. In addition to the above, all national holidays are observed.


During the SSCE days the school performed satisfactorily with many of our products gaining admission into various tertiary institutions in the country.

With the introduction of the WASSCE, the number and quality of passes have improved.  This propelled the school’s surge into the Group B.

Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School participated in the 2010 National Science and Mathematics Quiz.

Regional Games

Since 2009/2010 academic year, she has been very successful at making a name for herself.

  • She placed 4th in the Regional handball competition in November, 2009, 2nd in the Ashanti Regional Inter School Basketball Competition. The school placed 6th in the national competition.
  • The School Athletic team placed 2nd in the Zone 2 and qualified for the super zonals where she placed a surpassing third position. During the competition, Miss Naomi Serwah broke the Regional Record in the Girls’ 3000 metres in a record time of 10 minutes 33 seconds which was set in 2008.  The school was adjudged the best behaved Girls’ School in both the Zonal and the Super Zonal Athletics Competition.


The school has the following academic facilities:
A classroom complex block which houses thirty one (31) classrooms and a library complex.

A Science Laboratory

A computer laboratory which has a seating capacity of forty students but does not have the required number of computers.  There are about eight working computers in use at the laboratory.


The school does not have such recreational grounds as a football field, hockey pitch and an athletic field.  Whenever we have need for any of the facilities aforementioned, we go to the Wesley College.


At Kumasi Wesley Girls’ we read five programmes.  These are General Science, General Arts, Visual Arts, Home Economics and Business.

  1. General Arts: Geography, Christian Religious Studies, Economics, French, Government, History, Literature-In-English, Twi
  2. General Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Elective Mathematics
  3. Visual Arts: Basketry, General Knowledge in Art, Graphic Design, Textiles, Sculpture
  4. Home Economics: Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition,  General Knowledge in Art,  Management in Living
  5. Business: Cost Accounting, Economics, Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics

There are many other programmes that engage the attention of both staff and students on the compound.  These include the organization of sports competitions (inter house, class), Associations and Clubs such as GUNSA, GHAMSU, CASU, and others.  These associations run on the compound and they keep the students socializing.

  2. T.A

The P.T.A. in the school is about twenty seven years old. It has been a master agent for development in the school and has provided the following services since its formation:

  • 19891- It built a classroom block with a multi-purpose Assembly Hall. The building now houses the Home Economics Department, the Visual Art Department, the staff common room, Assembly Hall and the computer laboratory.
  • 1995 – The Association equipped the staff common room paid for all part time tuition and           employed a day watchman.
  • 1996 – It started the construction of a fence and purchased a Benz Bus for the school. The bus has recently been turned into a cargo to cart foodstuffs and supplies to the school.
  • 2001 – The Association built a canteen complex.
  • Since 2003 – The PTA has been constructing a two-storey dormitory for the school.
  • 2008 – Renovated the staff common room and painted the dormitory blocks and the classroom block it had built.
  • 2009/11 – Completed one half of the classroom complex and is still helping to complete the
  1. Traditional Authority

The Traditional Authority of the community in which the school is set up is the Tafo Traditional Council.  Nana Agyen Frimpong II is the Paramount Chief of the Tafo Traditional Council.  He is also the Benkumhene of the Kumasi Traditional Council.

The Tafo Traditional Council is the custodian of the land on which the school is built.  The council relate so well with the school to the extent that the chief, Nana Agyen Frimpong II is a member of the Board of Governors of the school.

  1. Metropolitan Assembly

It is under the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and comes under the jurisdiction of the Kumasi Metropolitan Education Directorate.  There is a healthy collaboration between the school and the Metropolitan Assembly.  The school has two representations from the Assembly on her Board of Governors.

  1. Methodist Church

The Methodist Church Ghana is the managing authority.  Though purely a Government Institution, the church continues to provide infrastructure (dormitory and library) and collaborates meaningfully towards the attainment of the goals of the school.  The school Board of Governors is chaired by the Bishop of Kumasi.



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