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Kwegyir Aggrey Senior High Technical School

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1. History
The establishment of the school began in the late 1970’s initiated by the then Anomabo Development Association, under the control of the Anomabo Advisory Council.
In the middle of the 1980’s, the concept was rekindled under the influence of the Accra and Kumasi branches of Anomabo Development Association which coincided with the Government’s concept of increasing the number of the existing Secondary Schools in the Country. As a result of that the Advisory Council had the idea of reinforcing the Government’s policy locally by applying for a Secondary Technical School for Anomabo and her surrounding towns and villages.
With this idea in view the council under the influence of the Late Nana Baffoe III, and the leadership of the Late K.B. Annan as well as the entire executives resolved to establish a Secondary Technical School and name it after Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir Aggrey in remembrance of his contributions to National and International Education and also the Aggrey of Africa, a citizen of Anomabo and a product of Anomabo Methodist Primary School.
Initially, it was decided that the school be accommodated at the Methodist Primary School in the block where Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey was one of the graduates who attended classes one (1) to three (3).
However, in 1991/1992 the council in consultation with the Methodist Church decided to organize a Communal Labour to complete a structure which was started by the Late Supi K.B. Annan and Supi Kweku Esiah Mensah under the Supervision of Mr. K.T. Mensah for Anomabo Methodist School in exchange for their former Junior Secondary School block to enable Kwegyir Aggrey Secondary Technical School occupy the present premises. This was done.
The School started as a private school with eight (8) students and four (4) teachers including the Late B.A. McCarthy a retired Assistant Director of Education as an “associate” headmaster.
The teachers were paid by the Anomabo Development Association (Anomabo Koryr Kuw), Accra Branch under the Chairmanship of Mr. Samuel Ewusie-Mensah.
In the 1992/1993 academic year, the Government absorbed Kwegyir Aggrey Secondary Technical School in the Public System.
It started with Ten (10) students of Five (5) boys and Five (5) girls. This initial enrolment increased to Forty-seven (47) made up of Thirty boys (30) and Seventeen (17) girls within the same academic year.
The first headmaster, support by a team of tutors including Mr. Peter Seth Adjaquah and the Late Kwaw Taylor and three non-teaching members of staff. There were two (2) classrooms, a library, and Science laboratory as partitioned rooms.
The “Motto” adopted for the school was “AIM HIGH” due to the story of the eagle as told by Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey in the Late 19th Century, when Africa seemed moribund and unaware of her latent potentials and powers. This message loud and clear, inspired people to pursue higher levels of learning and getting educated as key to progress in life.

Apart from the 6 unit classroom block built by the community and the four rooms accommodating the administration, the school through its own initiative and using internally generated funds has constructed five (5) pavilions for classrooms, and a wooden structure for a dining hall and kitchen.
The Ministry of Education through the Get Fund is constructing to completion an 18-unit three (3) storey started by the Concerned Citizens Association of Anomabo and supported by the kind donation of the former President.
The Present Government is also constructing a single storey 6-unit classroom block for the school.
The School has a playing field donated to the school by the McCarthy Family as deed of Gift to the Community.

The Parent Teacher Association has donated two 250,000 litre poly tanks one at the School Compound and the other at the Girls’ Hostel.
Recently the Lion Kristianstad & Frida Ekelund in Colarboration with Akramanhjalpen, Sweden an NGO has also donated 250,000 litre to the school and have promised another one. They intend also to construct 2 toilets one at Boys Hostel and the other at the Girls’ Hostel.

The school offers the following programmes:
a. General Arts
b. Business
c. Home Economics
d. Visual Arts
e. Technical

The beach of Anomabo, being a fishing village with a rocky shore.
These is a star up in the sky and the eagle from the beach has targeted the star and is flying high towards it (AIM HIGH)
Drawing Instruments and test tube, representing Science and Technology.
Anomabo written in the centre to represent the community and the Motto “Aim High” at the base


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