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Louis Senior High, Kumasi

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  1. P.O. BOX 460 KUMASI, TEL. NO: 03220 60439, E-MAIL


 ‘UT. SINT UNUM’ : May we be one in promoting God’s Kingdom here on earth


To make St. Louis Senior High as a community of people working, learning and playing in a safe, happy and caring environment, where respect is shown for people and property, where learning is fun, exciting and challenging, and where students grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally into responsible individuals with positive self images and visions of their own.


The St. Louis Senior High School is committed to the intellectual, spiritual, social, psychological and physical growth of its students through

  • Academic Excellence
  • The Practice of Christian Values
  • Responsible Citizenship

The Castle

Historical Significance: The castle comes from the fabric of the St. Louis Order. The royalty of St. Louis, King of France, is captured by it.

Modern Relevance: The St. Louis girls should radiate the qualities characteristic of royalty in the following ways.

  1. Leadership
  2. Service to community
  • Strength of Character:

The Fleur De Lis (Bottom Right) Historical Significance

The lily of the French Court: St. Louis’s lily, Symbolized purity.

Modern Relevance: There are two aspects of purity that this symbol calls to mind

  • Chastity in Morals and Thought
  • Promise of Blossoming

The Sword

Historical Significance: That is St. Louis’s sword.

Modern Relevance: The Sword and the Chains that hold it up to the top of the Crest warn us that life is no bed of roses.  The St. Louis girl should come into real life, knowing that she is going to encounter numerous difficulties. She should, however, believe that, with the solid grounding that she has had in survival skills, she will eventually overcome, God willing. And when she does overcome, then, there is the Crown of her Success waiting for her. The essential lesson of the sword is that Hard Work and the Exercise of Talents are both essential part of life.

The Laurel

The laurel is the symbol of victory, or the crown of success, or the healthy glow of youth and vitality.

  1. The French Motto: Dieu Le Veult (God Willing)

The Motto of the Religious Order

Historical Significance: Originally, the St. Louis nuns had only the French Dieu Le Veut (God willing) for the School Motto. Some time in the 1960s, the Latin top line, Ut Sint Unum, was added. The Latin addition was tacked on, in order to cater for the St. Louis cluster of schools, so as to distinguish the educational establishments form the convents. Together, the two strings read: God wishes that all may be one.


St. Louis Senior High School was established in 1952 by the Sisters of St. Louis with initial group of 12 girls.  It now has a population of 1700. In 1960 a change-over took place when they moved to their present site at Oduom in Kumasi. The Administration Block was built and dedicated appropriately to the “Annunciation”, for we have good news to tell (The feast of Annunciation, March 25, 1960). More buildings were put up to meet the School’s expanding needs. Emphasis, in the education of girls, was placed on excellent performance in professional subjects and harmonious relationships in the whole community. Training in Christian leadership was stressed and interest encouraged in Music, Poetry and Drama. A particular feature worthy of mention is the Debating Society through which the students became alert to the many grave problems confronting the society.

St. Louis School is a community of learners. The school provides a caring atmosphere and a sense of belonging by acknowledging each individual. Within our Catholic, culturally diverse community, we endeavor to enrich and foster the intellect and spirit of all who enter. Our environment encourages students to reinforce their connection to God, to make responsible decisions, and to reach their academic potential

Our motor sums the life of a SLOPSAN ie “UT SINT UNUM” – May we be one in promoting God’s Kingdom here on earth – AMEN

STATUS: Boarding and Day

  • 25th March – The feast of Annunciation – St. Louis Day (The Annunciation of the Lord)
  • Middle of Third Term – Archbishop’s Annual Visit
  • Middle of 2nd Term – School Debar
  • 2nd Week of Every Month – Visiting Day
  • Last Weekend of every Term – School Retreat
  • A day after vacation – Teacher’s Retreat


The school has excelled in both academic and non-academic areas of life producing many responsible adults in several productive areas of Ghana’s economy.

In 2008, it produced the best students in West Africa. The WASSCE organized by WAEC in 2008 saw the school picking 1st, 2nd and 4th positions in West Africa and the best Science student.

Project Citizen

The Project Citizen was introduced in the school last three years. St. Louis has consistently being the title holder in the Ashanti region and now the 2010 National Winner.

National Science and Math Quiz

Our girls had been in the competition several times and reached the quarter finals in several occasions.


St. Louis SHS has won several debates in the region and at national levels. We are the 2010 (current) title holder of the National ICT/Cultural debate held in Accra. We also won the Regional debate on Road Safety/DVLA

Regional Games

Our school has consistently won the Best Behaved School for the past six years. One of the girls set a record in Regional Discuss Championship in 2009 which is yet to be broken.

    1. Academic
  • Number of Classrooms – 40
  • Science laboratory (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • Library/Computer Lab
  • Visual Arts Studio
  • Management Block
    1. Recreational Grounds
  • Volley ball field
  • Hockey field
    1. Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (Elective), Integrated Science
    2. Business: Business Management, Financial Accounting, Principles of Cost Accounting, Mathematics (Elective)
    3. General Arts: Economics, French, General Knowledge In Art, Geography, Government, Literature In English, Mathematics (Elect), Twi (Asante)
    4. Home Economics: Biology, Economic, Food and Nutrition, Management in Living
    5. Visual Arts: Chemistry, Economics, Graphic Design, Mathematics (Elective), Picture Making, Sculpture, Textiles
    6. ICT


Chairman:               –               Mr. Charles Essel, Lecturer (KNUST) & Architect

Board of Governors Chairman – Nanan Kwame Kyiretwie (Apagyahene)

The PTA with the support of the Board of Governors funded these projects

  1. Built Mary Joanes dormitory
  2. 6 flats for teachers; 2 completed and 4 ongoing
  3. Completed the water system so not dependent on Ghana Water Company for water anymore
  4. Built the sickbay
  5. Provided generator for the school
  6. Provided 33 seater Benz bus

Old Students

The old students (SLOPSA) have supported the school by providing

  1. 30 Dell Computers (OPTIPLEX 380)
  2. 40 computer tables and chairs
  3. 60 armless chairs in the staff room
  4. 8 long tables in the staff room
  5. Multi TV
  6. Polytanks
  7. Day Toilet building for use by the girls during classes hours
  8. Double decker refrigerator for the staff

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