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Methodist Senior High Tech School

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To be a lead school in the provision of quality General Secondary Education, and a number one Technical school within the Berekum Municipality.


To maintain a high standard of discipline and strive for academic Excellence which will unearth and strengthen the hidden talents of both staff and students in all spheres of human endeavors in MESTECH within its ambience.


The school has a beautiful crest with symbols aptly describing and pointing to its mission.  It is made up of a crossed spanner and a harmer; that is, it is rooted in the Technical domain.  A book in the crest speaks for itself.   A computer which is a sign of the school’s desire to train all students in the modern system of Education which lays emphasis on Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.).  Furthermore, a glowing light is manifested, for, Education is the light of any human race.  The school’s logo “Wisdom before Riches” is a food for thought to all students directing their attention the fact; first seek for knowledge before thinking of money, and other worldly things, for, wisdom takes precedence to riches.


Methodist Senior High/Technical School with its acronym MESTECH as it is popularly known was established in the year 1998 to provide both secondary and Technical Education within the Berekum Municipality by Methodist Church – Ghana.  It became a government assisted Secondary School in the year 2001 with student enrolment of Ninety Seven (97) Mr. John Kwaw Donkor 2001 – 2005 became the first Headmaster after the government take-over.  The Current Headmaster Mr. Emmanuel K. Nsiah, from 2007 to date.


The permanent Address of MESTECH is.  The Headmaster’s contact Number is 020-9083702.

IMPORTANT SCHOOL DATES: JOHN WESLEY DAY:  It celebrated in May every year.

STATUS OF INSTITUTION: Day with hostel facilities

  2. WASSCE:

MESTECH is reckoned as a less endowed school in the country hence, is accorded the privileges grated by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to offer admissions to the University each year.  This privilege has been gainfully utilized by most of our students in different disciplines.

The School is striving hard with its sister schools in the municipality in areas of Science and Mathematics quizzes; MESTECH became first in the Mathematics and Science organized by the Berekum Municipal Assembly in the 2007.  Final results for WASSCE over the past three (3) years it appreciable that is it registered 100% percent in 2007/2008 recorded only one failure for the two hundred and sixty four (264) candidates 2009.

  1. Games:-

Notwithstanding the tender age of the school, there is a remarkable achievements in sports; thus the school won the Milo games in the year 2006 alongside other sporting activities it continues to excel in the local religious and sports fiestas.

  2. i) Academic:-

Classroom: – The School has a two (2) 5 unit classrooms and a one (1) – 2 unit classroom at  present.  A one (1) unit classroom is under construction.  There is also a computer   laboratory and a library with books of different disciplines.


The school is blessed with a large area of an undeveloped land.  This unused land gives the school a very green vegetation and airy land to promote good learning environment.  A football field and a volley ball scout is also available for sporting and other recreational activities.

  2. Agriculture Science: General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Physics, Elective Mathematics, Chemistry
  3. Business (Accounting Option): Business Management, Business Mathematics & Principle of Costing, Principle of Costing, Economics
  4. Technical Programme: Building & Construction, Metal Works, Technical Drawing, Woodworks, Physics, Elective Mathematics
  5. Home Economics: Foods & Nutrition, Management in Living, Biology, Economics
  6. General Arts: Economics, Geography, Asante Twi, Government, Christian Religious Studies, Rudiments in Computer

In our bid to train students who will come out to face the world with full preparedness to withstand the challenges of the world, co-curricula activities have been embodies in our study programmes.  There are debating clubs under the patron ships of the English Master.  There moral aspect, we pay a premium by upbringing the students in the Christian doctrines been a mission school with well devoted Christian teachers in the pulpit.  Guidance and Counseling programme is in its apogee towards this direction.  Our involvement in sporting activities is also admirable; seeing MESTECH in flying colours in tearms of sports.

As a mission school, MESTECH has an elaborate and well designed school Rules and Regulation drawn from Christian background to mould the student’s life’s to become Assets and not liabilities to their places of work during and after school.

  • OLD STUDENTS: Though, the school is still very young; some of its products have emerged to be in various capacities serving the nation.  They still show their interest in the growth of the school.  Plains in getting the old students come under one umbrella to help in the upliftment of the school’s name are underway.
  • There is a very strong PTA which is leaving no stone unturned to solve the day to day problems of the school. This PTA, under the able chairmanship of Mr. Ambrose Yeboah has managed to procure a bus and Dining Hall for the school.
  • The school has good cordial relationship with the Traditional Rulers on whose land the school is situated. Hence, the school is bequeathed to with an area of about sixty aces of land for the school.
  • The Municipal Assembly is a body whose enviable attention to the school is unwaived Two Assembly members serve on the board of Governors and are always prepared to help raised the moral of the school.
  • The general public, the Ghana Cocoa Board, Improvement for poverty Action an (NGO) THE Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology are partners in the development of the school.

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