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Preparation School Of Digest

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The vision of the school is to educate and equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in all subjects. To make the school  a center of academic excellence in comparable to other schools in the country.  To produce students who will function effectively and efficiently in their further studies to contribute their quota to society and the nation as a whole in future.


The mission of the school is to provide a comprehensive and a wholistic education for students to take up challenging positions and contribute their quota to the development of Ghana.


The crest which is the coat of arms of the school has the following features: Drums, Palm tree, Light and Sword.

Drums: The drum traditionally, signifies the cultural values of the people.  The sound of the drum signifies an important event.  The drums remind the students of their culture and make them aware that they should not forget their culture as an important aspect of their lives. Whenever they hear the sound of the drums they should be mindful of an important event.

Palm Tree: Palm tree is a very useful plant and serves a lot of purposes.  The palm tree reminds students of the importance of schooling/education and that they are expected to be useful to their various societies after completing school. They should also be mindful of the evergreen nature of the palm tree; to be useful in season and out of season.

Light: The light naturally shows or brightens the path or route.  The light reminds the students that they are light bearers; thus they should lead people in their areas of endeavours.  The light emphasizes that the students should brighten any corner wherever they would be in future.

Sword: The sword is the symbol of authority of the Jamasi stool.  It tells the students that they are nobles and should respect authority in society. Hence the accolade “ADEHYEε”

MOTTO: Always seek the truth”.


The school was established in 1968 by the Jamasi Community. Those who played instrumental role were the late Mr. Brefo Sarpong, Capt. Osei Ntem, Mr. Kwasi Brantuo, Mr. Yaw Bawuah, Nana Osei Tutu, Mr. Tabi, Mr. A. E. Kwarteng, the late Nana Adu Gyamfi Brobbey III and his elders, and other innumerable personalities. The aim was to provide secondary education to the elementary and middle school leavers in the area to enable them pursue higher studies.  With an initial enrolment of ninety-one (91) students and six teachers, the school was founded in September, 1968 with the maiden name “Presbyterian Secondary Commercial School”.  The first headmaster of the school was Mr. E. K. Sarpong popularly known as “Mallam”. In September, 1974 the school was absorbed as a public school by the Ghana Government (GES) as an assisted school, as a result of its discipline and high academic performance.  It was then re-named Adu Gyamfi Senior High

Status of Institution:   Day and Boarding


(i)     SSSCE

Year No. of candidates Percentage (%) passes No Qualified into tertiary institution
2000 82 73.1 16
2001 86 91.8 25
2002 70 88.5 27
2003 133 87.2 55
2004 165 93.9 60
2005 319 98.1 123


 (ii)   WASSCE

2006 470 100 439
2007 592 100 448
2008 460 98 248
2009 596 99.4 396



  1. 1st Runner Up – 2008 Maths, English and Science Quiz for schools in Sekyere Zone
  2. First and Over All Best – 2009   Maths, English and Science Quiz
  3. 2nd Runner-Up of Ashanti Region S.R.C. 13th Annual Literary Group competition in CHOREOGRAPHY – 2010
  4. 2nd Runner-Up of Ashanti Region S.R.C. 13th Annual Literary Group competition in DRAMA – 2010
  5. 2ND Runner-Up of Ashanti Region S.R.C. 13th Annual Literary Group competition in POETRY –  2010
  6. 3rd Position Ashanti Region S.R.C. inter schools Quiz Competition – 2011
  7. 1ST Position Ashanti Region S.R.C. Talent Festivity – 2011.
  8. 1st Female President of the Ashanti Regional S.R.C. 2009-2010 academic year
  10. Academic
    1. Classrooms: 57
    2. Laboratories: Chemistry, Physics  and Biology   1
  • Computer Lab 2
  1. Library 1
  1. Recreational Facilities
  2. Football field           1
  3. Volley courts           2
  • Table tennis           1
  2. General Arts: Christian Religious Studies, Government, Economics, Geography, Twi, Elective Mathematics                      
  3. Business: Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Costing, Elective Mathematics                                
  4. Science: Biology, Physics,    Chemistry,    Elective Mathematics
  5. Home Economics: General Knowledge in Art, Management-in-living, Food & Nutrition,   Chemistry

Sports and Cultural Activities


Old Students Contributions

  1. Assisting in the organization of the 40th and 2nd speech and prize giving day anniversary.
  2. Hooking the school onto the internet.
  3. Purchasing of sports equipment and materials for the school (set of jerseys, set of hoses, set of shin guards (etc.)

Parent Teacher Association’s (P.T.A.) Contributions

  1. Construction of teachers bungalows
  2. Purchasing of school bus to help staff and administrative activities
  3. Fencing of the school compound
  4. Construction of 6 classroom block
  5. Rehabilitation of old boys’ dormitory to accommodate girls
  6. Purchasing of plant to give the school community light during light outs.
  7. Motivation of teachers in the divers ways at the end of the term.
  8. Donation of cadet uniform to the school.

Traditional Authority’s Contributions

  1. Provision of land for construction of school buildings.
  2. Organizing community members for communal labour to execute school projects.
  3. Assisting teaching staff to get residential accommodation.

District Assembly’s Contribution

  1. Construction of 5 KVIPS for the school
  2. Donation to the school both in cash and kind during sporting activities
  3. Assisting the school to get potable water for the school community.

Other Philanthropist

  1. Sekeyere Rural Bank’s: Providing financial support to the school during sports and for the publication of school magazine.
  2. Ghana Commercial Bank: Providing financial support to the school during sports and publication of school magazine.

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