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Sekondi College

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The vision of the school is to provide total education that will equip student with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will make them functional and contribute to the development of the country, whiles given them the foundation for higher education.


Flowing from the vision of the school, the school exists to;

  1. Assist students acquire general knowledge in natural and general sciences as a foundation for understanding the world in which they live.
  2. Strengthen and refine the students’ power of reasoning and judgement.
  3. Assist student to discover their intellectual capabilities and interest and development competencies in identified areas.
  4. Prepare student to participate constructively in nation building.
  5. Inculcate in students a sense of discipline, good morals, selflessness and patriotism.



Sekondi College, one of the oldest second cycle institution in the Western Region was single – handedly founded by Mr. Joseph William Acquah of blessed memory.  It started as a private Co-educational institution and was later adopted by the Ghana Education Trust.  The school opened for classes for the first time on the 24th of September, 1951.  Since its establishment the school has been headed by twelve (12) substantive headmasters including the founder.

Presently, the school is located on 238.7 acre parcel of land in South Inchaban near Sekondi.  Until September, 1989 the school was using an abandoned premises of the military called Ranchi Barracks in Takoradi having inhabited another abandoned military post at Ekuasi a suburb of Sekondi earlier on.  In fact the name Sekondi College emerge from this earlier location.

The school can be reached on the following telephone lines 0312091192 and 0312093284.  The school’s e-mail address is

In almost every other year the school celebrates a speech and prize giving and Founder’s day in the month of November.

The school has facilities for day and boarding students.


In the field of academic work the school has recorded remarkable progress.  Results of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) and West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in recent years have shown significant improvement.  Percentage pass in 6 – 8 subjects has improved from 41.3 in 2001 to 80.1 in 2009.

The school has participated in the National Science and Mathematics quiz a few times in recent years.  Although the school did well it could not clinch the ultimate in the competition but it has built the capacity and confidence of students.

The school has the following to show by way of achievements in sports in recent time.

     2010-                  Inter – School

1st in Girls athletics

1st in Boys Volleyball

2nd in Boys soccer

Super – zonal

3rd in Boys soccer

  • –       Inter – School

1st in Girls athletics

1st in Boys Volleyball

                                Super zonal

1st in Girls athletics

NB:    Out of thirteen records five (5) were broken as new records set   by the girls of the School.

2008    –                     Inter – School

1st in Boys volleyball

2nd in Girls volley ball

2007–                         Inter – School

1st in Boys Volleyball

1st in Girls volley ball

2nd in Boys soccer

The school also believes that practical work is an essential part of any training programme that seeks to equip students with skills that will make them effective and more productive.  In line with this belief practical agriculture is seriously pursued in the school.  The following is what the school has to show for its efforts.

2003               Best second cycle institution in agriculture in the Shama Ahanta East Metropolis.

2006               Best second cycle institution in agriculture in the Western Region.

2007               Best second cycle institution in agriculture in Ghana.

2009               Best second cycle institution in agriculture in the Shama Ahanta East Metropolis.

  1. School Facilities

The school has enough classrooms to accommodate the number of students and streams run by the school.  However, the four year system will require that eight (8) additional classrooms are added to the stock of classrooms.

The school has a laboratory each for physic, chemistry and biology and two (2) for ICT.  However, the pressure on these as a result of the high student population makes them inadequate.  Additional laboratories with modern equipment would be needed to improve the study of science in the school.

The school library as it, does not meet the needs of the school in terms of size and reading materials.

The school has a large playing field that can accommodate a standard size soccer pitch and an eight (8) track athletic oval.

  1. Academic Programmes
  2. General Arts: Economics, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, Literature – in – English, Elective Mathematics, Government , History , French, General Knowledge in Arts, Ghanaian Languages
  3. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Elective Mathematics
  4. Agriculture: Physics, Chemistry, General Agriculture, Crop Husbandry and Horticulture, Elective Mathematics.
  5. Business: Economic, Business Management, Accounting, Typewriting, Costing, Elective Mathematics, Clerical Office Duties, French.
  6. Co-curricula Activities

In line with the schools objective to give holistic training to students, students are encouraged to join clubs and societies of their choice and interest.  These clubs and societies are allowed to operate under the supervision of teachers who serve as patrons.  Notable among these clubs and societies are the Scripture Union, the Cadet Corp, the Debating Society, the School Choir, Civic Education club.

A guidance and Counselling Unit is also available to assistance students who may have one problem or another.

Students are also allowed to practice their choice of religion in the school under supervision.  Religious groupings are allowed to hold meetings and invite speakers from outside the school to speak to them.


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