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In the coming years, we foresee a Somè Senior High School that is well-endowed infrastructurally, that has more qualified, competent, motivated and dedicated staff, and that has more disciplined and academically- sound students.

The Somè Senior High School aims at nurturing and training those who pass through it into academically sound and morally upright people who are capable of contributing their quota to the development of the nation.

The school has a unique crest with the motto: “Tso Nakl8” (Arise and Shine). The crest shows the rising sun asking the students to ‘rise and shine’ wherever they are; – to be the beacon of the society in which they live. It is urging them to live up to their responsibilities and expectations.

The Somè Senior High School, Agbozume, was founded in 1966. It was founded by the Agbozume Scholars Association (ASA) and christened Agbozume Secondary School
(AGBOSCHO). The school was administered as a private community institution until 27th March, 1973 when it was given a temporary certificate of registration as a secondary school (Reg. No. VR/2/) under the Ghana Education Service.
The Agbozume Secondary School was eventually absorbed into the public school system on 11th October, 1977, with the registration no. VR/P1/21/23 with the name Somè Secondary School (SOSEC) and the motto “Tso Nakl8” [Arise and Shine] and Mr. T. S. Avugrah as its first public Headmaster (Acting).
The Somè Senior High School, has since its absorption into the public system trudged on tenaciously to date. Below are the past Headmasters who have shaped the destiny of the school over the years:
a. Mr. C. A. R. Necku [Acting]: 1966-1967
b. Mr. P. Agbogah [Acting]: 1967-1969
c. Mr. E. O. Agbemasu [Acting]:1969-1971
d. Mr. B. K. Reindorth [Acting]: 1971-1973
e. Mr. S. S. Atitsogbui [Acting]: 1973-1974
f. Mr. Robert Malinow [Acting]: 1974-1976
g. Mr. A. K. Gibson [Acting]: 1976-1977
h. Mr. T. S. Avugrah [Acting]: 1977-1978
i. Mr. E. C. Y. Ackumey [Acting]: 1978-1979
j. Mr. S. S. Lawson-Doe: 1979-1980
k. Mr. E. K. Semordzie [Acting]: 1980-1982
l. Mr. S.K.K. Agbanu [Acting]: 1982-1983
m. Mr. G.A. Sorkpor: 1983-1998
n. Mr. J.B.K. Dorkenoo: 1998-2008
o. Mr. C.A.K. Klutsey: 2008-2010
p. Mr. K. K. Ahafia: 2010 to Date
The Somè Senior High School is in the Logove Electoral Area of the Ketu South District and is located in the Sabon Zongo, about 400metres off the Agbozume-Aflao road. It is a day school but has hostel facilities for girls on campus.

In spite of the numerous infrastructural constraints in the school, she has performed creditably in her final SSCE and WASSCE Exams
Year No. of Candidates Presented Percentage Pass
2001 101 89%
2002 113 91%
2003 120 91%
2004 137 95%
2005 99 99%
2006 124 100%
2007 149 100%
2008 162 99%
2009 171 97%
In sports, SOSEC has always been a strong force to reckon with. She has been the overall champion in the Mid-South Zone for 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. She has contributed a lot of sportsmen and women to the inter-zonal and regional contingents over the years.

i. The Somè Senior High School has twenty classrooms, a one-classroom science laboratory, a one-classroom computer laboratory, and a one- classroom library. For a school with a current population of one thousand one hundred and thirty-nine [1,139], these facilities are woefully inadequate
ii. The school has a standard [400m – oval] athletics and football field and fields for handball and volley ball. She has enough space for the provision of other recreational facilities.

a. General Arts: Literature in English, French, Ewe, Government, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, Elective Mathematics, Economics.
b. Business: Business Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Elective Mathematics, Economics.
c. Vocational (Home Economics): Management in Living, Clothing & Textiles, Foods & Nutrition, Textiles, General Knowledge in Art, Biology.
d. Vocational (Visual Arts): General Knowledge in Art. Graphic Design, Textiles, Ceramics.
e. General Science: Physics, Elective Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology.
f. Agricultural Science: General Agriculture, Crops Husbandry & Horticulture, Physics, Chemistry.

The Somè Senior High School puts high premium on co-curricula activities. Music, Culture, Debate and Drama are the key areas in which the school does excel. For example, in 2008, the school reached the Southern Zone finals in the Independence Anniversary Debate and lost narrowly to Achimota Senior High School.

The SOSEC Old Students Association, the Parent-Teacher Association, the Somey Traditional Authority and the Ketu South District Assembly have all been making modest contributions to the development of the school.

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