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ST Francis Girls’ Senior High School

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St Francis Girls’ Secondary School Exists to provide holistic Education inspired by Catholic values to nurture girls into women of dignity and productive citizens in an environment of discipline, unity and

  1. GOALS
  2. To attain and maintain a high level of self-discipline through the enforcement of school rules and regulations and effective supervision.
  3. To achieve a high sense of team spirit through unity and co-operation
  4. To have a highly motivated staff and students through the provision of adequate resources.
  5. To attain and maintain a high sense of duty-conscious and hard working staff and students.
  6. To achieve a high sense of God-fearing spirit and uprightness through being honest, respectful, obedient and humble.
  7. To give girls particularly those in this deprived area, the opportunity to have formal Secondary Education.
  8. To cultivate and nurture them academic ally and spiritually so that they can be conscious of their dignity as women, conscious of their social and spiritual rights and responsibilities.
  9. To train and thus equip them to become productive citizens in life

St. Francis Girls’ Senior High School is the Oldest Girls’ Second Cycle Institution in the Northern part of Ghana.  It the third Oldest Senior High School in the three Northern Regions.

St. Francis Girls’ fondly and shortly known as Assisi was established in September, 1959 by the Catholic Church with the Late Cardinal P. P. Dery and Rt. Rev. Bishop Gabriel Champagne as the co-founders.  The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (F.M.M), an International Women Religious Congregation, who participated in the initial discussions leading to the opening of the school, were given the task by Bishop Champagne to staff and administer the school.  The sister placed the school under the patronage of St. Francis of Assisi who is their spiritual Father.

Seeing that formal education of girls was not attended to in the Northern Territory of Ghana, the above Missionaries decided to use twelve (12) girls from their already established St. Anges Middle School in Jirapa to open St. Francis Girls’ Senior High School.  The school officially took off in September, 1959 with the following objectives:

At the beginning the Missionaries encountered lack of co-operation and other obstacles because our society was still dominated by our traditional demoralizing and unproductive concept of woman and her role in society.

In spite of the difficulties, the founding Fathers and Mothers were endowed clear vision and faith in the liberation and empowerment of girls and women.  They persevered and got to school established and it developed into a highly reputed Girls’ Secondary School in the country.  After the wonderful performance of the first batch (the big six) in 1964, followed by similar performance in 1965, Cardinal P.P. Dery began the negotiations and the process for this school to be registered as a public school.  In 1965, St. Francis Girls’ was without hesitation absorbed into the Public System as one of the Government Assisted Secondary Schools.

The important school days are as follows:

  1. 25th Anniversary Celebration – 4th October, 1984
  2. Golden Jubilee Celebration – 4th October, 1959
  3. Diamond Celebration – 4th October, 2034

STATUS :  The school is a Boarding School


i               SSSCE/WASSCE 1999 – 2005

1999 137 135 98.5
2000 155 154 99.3
2001 155 152 98.7
2002 185 185 100
2003 147 147 100
2004 157 157 100
2005 164 164 100
2006 200 200 100
2007 195 195 100
2008 190 190 100
2009 212 212 100

iii.            National Science Quiz

In 2005 the school was invited to take part in the National Brilliant Science and Mathematics Quizzes.

  2. Academic
  3. Classrooms – 19
  4. Library – 1 (Library Complex)
  5. Science Laboratory
  6. Non Academic

Recreational Grounds:  Three (3)

Basket Ball Court, 1 Volley Ball Court 1 Football Park

  2. Business (Accounting): Business Mathematics & Principle of Cost Accounting, Principle of Accounting, Economics, Elective Mathematics
  3. Business (Secretarial): Business Management, Typewriting, Clerical and Office Duties
  4. Home Economics: Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Economics, Biology
  5. General Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics
  6. General Arts: Literature in English, French, Dagaare, Christian Religious Studies, Geography, Economics, History, Elective Mathematics


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