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ST. Paul’s Senior High School



“ determined to promote high quality secondary education to all students of St. Paul’s Senior High School in consonance with the Ministry’s goals and aspirations”

“ to provide relevant education to all students of St. Paul’s Senior High School to enable them develop their mental, moral, cultural and physical potentials so as to excel in their chosen carriers to live meaning =full lives and to contribute positively towards societal development”

St. Paul’s was the first and only catholic second cycle Institution established in the southern sector of the then Keta-Ho Diocese in 1953 by Bishop Konings. The school is now under the Episcopal jurisdiction of Keta-Akatsi Diocese headed by His Lordship Anthony Kwame Adanuty
The founding fathers were Fr. J. Caffrey the founder and the first Headmaster of St. Paul’s Secondary School. He was later joined by Rev. Fr. Steemers as co-administrator of the school.
Fr. J. Caffrey who was also said to be a good builder, worked so hard to the admiration of the Bishop that the first motto of the school which was “In Deo Omia Possum” ( with God all things are possible was changed to “ Vinci in Bono Malum “ ( Conquer Evil by Doing Good ) to suit also the history of St Paul’s and the Patron saint of the school and perhaps as an admonition to Fr. Caffrey and admiration for his attitude.
The School was initially opened as boys secondary at a place called Three-Town a meeting point of Denu, Hedzranawo and Adafienu townships where we presently have Hedzranawo R.C. Schools.
For lack of enough land for development of the school, a new site was acquired in a village called Hatsukope in Viepe-Aflao Traditonal Area along Denu-Ho road. The chief of Hatsukope Torgbi Pasaku and his alders generously donated land to the catholic church for the permanent siting and future expansion of the school.
It was established as a boys’ secondary school with initial intake of 26 students.
Telephone Number of the School is 0962 – 30333
The important School dates are : The Patron, St. Paul’s day which falls on 25th January of every year. Speech and Prize Giving Days which are celebrated during the third term of the schools academic year etc.

-do- 2000 – 88%
-do- 2001 – 99.1%
-do- 2002 – 98.9%
-do- 2003 – 100%
-do- 2004 – 100%
-do- 2005 – 98.1%
b. WASSCE 2006 – 99.4%
2007 – 100%
z008 – 100%
2009 – 99.75%
In 1990, 1991and 1992 St. Paul’s Senior High School represented the region in the Milo games which was then played on Zonal basis. ( Greater Accra, Eastern and Volta Regions ).
The players of the volleyball team and the basketball teams that played in the 1995 edition of the Inter-regional competition in Wa were from SPACO. The school contributed about six (6) sports boys to the regional team that year.
St. Paul’s Senior High School’s contribution has been the mid-south Zone winning soccer trophy in 2005, 2006 and 2007 during the Inter-Zonal competitions.

a. Academics
• Classrooms: 18. In addition 18 unit classroom block funded by the GETfund is under construction.
• Laboratories: The school has 3 laboratories In addition, the school also have the science Resource Centre
• Library: A small library which cannot accommodate the large number of students currently in the school.
b. Non-Academic :
• The school has two standard playing fields which are used for all the games, athletics and field events.

Clubs & Societies: SPACO French Club, Catholic Students Union ( CASU), The Civic Education Club, The Head of State Award Scheme, HIV / AIDS Awareness Club, Scripture Union :

Elective : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Principle of Cost Accounting, French, Economics, Geography, Government, Christian Religious Studies, Ewe, Literature in English, General Knowledge in Art, Graphic Design, Textiles, Picture making and Sculpture

a. Old Students:
The old students normally give some support to the School when the need arises. For example, the following year groups and individuals offered various support to the school over the years.
• 1982 year group donated a number of textbooks and a Fax machine during St. Paul’s Day Celebration in January, 2003.
• Dr. Marcus Ahadzi donated Nine Computer and Accessories in March 2007
• Dr. Eyako Wurapa donated twenty computers and accessories in January 2003
• Mr. Sigismund Crabbe provided materials for new security gate post and the gate itself.
• Mr. Gabriel Dak-Sosoo is a regular donor and adviser to the school.
• Mr. Albert Zigah, P.M. for Ketu South and an old student donated six hundred (600) bags of cement towards the construction of a fence wall.
b. Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
The P.T.A. supports the school in various ways. Those worth mentioning are as follows:
• Funding the production of school Cloth for the students
• Guest House project which in on going
• Provision of mono desks for the students
• Provide motivation packages for both teaching and non-teaching staff annually
• Purchase and donate a 15-Seater Mercedes Benz Bus to the school.
c. Traditional Authority
• The Chief of Hatsukope in Viepe-Aflao traditional area, Torgbui Pasaku and his elders generously donated land to the catholic church for the permanent siting and future expansion of the school.
d. District Assembly
• The District Assembly from time to time gives assistance to the school. The most recent assistance given was the purchase of submersible pump at the cost of five thousand Ghana Cedis only (Gh¢5,000.00) for the school’s bore hole which serves the community also.
e. The Catholic Church
The church continues to provide infrastructure and renovate old ones
• Constructed a seminary which is attached to the school.
• ensures that a priest is always in the school to see to the spiritual needs of the students
• appeals to foreign donors to help the school
f. Benevolent Individuals :
• Prof. Joe Nellis and his children provided funds for the renovation of a dormitory block.
• the family of Msgr R.J. Apietu, one time Headmaster of the school, provided funds for renovation of a dormitory block.


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