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Tarkwa Senior High School

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  1. Vision:

To improve upon and sustain academic standards of the school as well as to ensure moral discipline of the students

  1. Mission:

To help implement Government’s effort at providing quality and equitable secondary education with the active co-operation of stakeholders so that students will acquire skills to enable them become employable and productive adults.

  1. School Crest and Motto:

The school’s Crest is made up of green and white colours and the Motto Green symbolizes prosperity and White signifies honesty. The motto of the school is “Carpe Diem” which means “seize the day”. The motto is elaborated by sea waves and the hands of a clock which remind students of the maxim that “time and tide waits for no man”.

  1. Brief History of the Institution:
  • Name of Institution: Tarkwa Senior High School
  • Year of Establishment: The school is one of the Ghana Education Trust Schools built by the Government of Ghana in 1961 under the Accelerated Development Plan for Education when Ghana attained Independence under the leadership of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
  • Location: The school is located in Tarkwa, very close to the University of Mines and Technology.
  • Telephone Number: 0312321862
  • Important School Dates: The foundation stone of the school was laid in January 1961, after a site had been acquired from the Amalgamated Banket Area (A.B.A.) Mining, now Tarkwa Goldfields Limited.
  • Status of the Institution: Tarkwa Senior High School is a co-educational boarding school but also admits day students
  1. Major Achievements over the years: Below is a summary of WASSCE results (2007-2009)
Subject % Pass 2009 % Pass 2008 % Pass 2007
English Language 90.6 97.6 87.6
Maths (Core) 69.8 62.8 53.8
Integrated Science 85.7 92.9 72.4
Social Studies 98 97.8 98.7
Physics 77.3 92.2 63.6
Chemistry 43.8 45.2 33.6
Biology 78 83.2 87.3
Elective Maths 60 49.7 76
Clerical Office Duties 100 100 83.3
Business Management 96.9 98.6 97
Accounting 100 95.7 92.7
Business Maths & Costing 99.1 97.4 94.5
Typing 73.7 83.3 15.8
Government 98.6 84.7 92.9
Geography 82.3 96.4 87.8
History 100 92.9 96.5
French 88.9 70.6 75.0
Economics 91.9 86.3 88.2
Literature-in-English 96.4 100 100
Christian Religious Studies 98.2 78.9 75.4
Management-in-Living 100 100 100
Food and Nutrition 100 100 100
Clothing and Textiles 100 100 90.6
General Knowledge in Arts 87.1 100 60.0
  • T.M.E. Clinic:
  • 2006: Tarkwa S.H.S. was first (1st) in the District Level Science project competition.
  • 2009: Tarkwa S.H.S. was 3rd in the District Level Science project competition.
  • 2010: Tarkwa S.H.S. was first (1st) in the District Level Science project competition.
  • Independence Day Debate:
  • Tarkwa S.H.S. placed 3rd during the 53rd Regional Level Independence Day Debate.
  • Regional Cultural Festival:

Tarkwa S.H.S. was first (1st) during the Regional Cultural Festival (Sight Singing Category).

  • Games:
  • Tarkwa S.H.S. placed second (2nd) during the inter-school athletic competition (District Level) in both Boys and Girls. In 2009 Tarsco was first (1st)
  • Soccer: For the past years Tarsco always qualifies in the District Level and progresses to the Regional Level. Tarsco was third (3rd) at the Regional Level. (2010)
  • Volley: Tarsco Volley Team was third (3rd) out of six (6) schools in 2010.

.6.            School Facilities:

  • Academic:
  • One Assembly Hall
  • Two main classroom blocks
  • One block housing the Science Resource Centre
  • One block housing the computer laboratory and classrooms
  • The Library: The library has a seating capacity of sixty (60)
  • Non – academic:
  • Two boys dormitories with four houses.
  • Two girls dormitories with four houses namely:
  • One summer hut for receiving visitors
  • One field
  • Telephone booths
  • One Infirmary
  2. General Arts: Economics, French, Geography, Literature-in-English, Mathematics (Elective), Christian Religious Studies, General Knowledge in Art
  3. General Science: Mathematics (Elective), Chemistry, Physics     , Biology   , Geography
  4. Business: Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business Management, Principles of Cost , Accounting, Economics, French, Mathematics (Elective)
  5. Vocational: Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Management in Living, Management in Living, General Knowledge in Art, French, Chemistry, Mathematics Elective)/Biology, Economics, Physics
  6. Co-curricula Activities:


  • Religious groups representing various denominations are present in the school. These include Muslim Students Association, Christian Divine Church Campus Ministry, Scripture Union etc.
  • Cadet Corp: The school has a Navy Cadet Corp which was inaugurated on 17th April, 2007.
  • Youth Savings Club: This will be introduced soon to inculcate in students the habit of savings.
  1. Stakeholders:
  • Old Students Association: Tarkwa Old Students Association, popularly called TOSA exists, with local and foreign chapters playing supportive roles. Old students in tertiary institutions normally plan home coming programs which include:
  • Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.): The school has a P.T.A. which supports the school in diverse ways. The current P.T.A. Chairman is in the person of Mr. Albert K. Yorke.

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