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Wesley Girls Senior High School, Cape Coast

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To nurture God-fearing, well-balanced and self-confident individuals who are capable of taking the challenges of a fast-changing world in their stride whilst making the most of every opportunity for self-development and service to mankind.

We strive to achieve this vision by the help of the Lord Jesus Christ on whom the school is built whilst pursuing the following:
• Creating a propitious environment for the spiritual and moral development of each girl.
• Putting in place a frame work in which each girl can develop to the full, talents with which she may be endowed, while respecting those of others.
• Providing what it takes to attain the highest academic standard.
• Developing in each girl the capacity for quick, reasoned responses to challenges.
• Developing in the individual an awareness of her responsibilities to the community and the broader society to which she belongs.

The school was founded by the wife of the 2nd Methodist Missionary to the Gold Coast, Harriest Wrigley in 1836 with 25 gilrs. Her aim was to give the girls basic training in housekeeping and catechism. Subjects taught included writing, reading, sewing and religious education. Classes were held at the Manse, in the Stand fast Hall near the Victoria Park in Cape Coast.
However, five months after arrival, Mrs. Wrigley died. It was not until 183.7 that an efficient school head in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Waldron took over the running of the school. She administered the school for 43 good years and laid a solid foundation for what was to become the Wesleyan Girls’ School and Training Home. Values such as fortitude, integrity and truthfulness soon became the hallmarks of the products of the school. Their high academic ability encouraged the Methodist Church to agree to the provision of higher education for girls. Consequently, in 1884, Rev. W.M. Connell who was then the Headmaster of Mfantsipim School started the Secondary section with 20 girls.
The two levels; primary and secondary continued by fits and starts and were sometimes closed down due to acute shortage of funding. It even suffered a temporary loss o f identity when it had to team up with Mfantsipim as a co-educational secondary school under a new name, The Collegiate School.
By 1900, the school was on its own again with Mrs. H. J. Ellis as the Headmistress. The School in the early 20th Century was dominated by the able leadership and constructive work of Sister Evelyn Bellamy, a deaconess who headed the school from 1914 to 1943. It was during her time, precisely on 8 June 1925 that Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey visited the school and penned these words in the log book of the school ‘to educate a boy is to educate an individual but to educate a girl is to educate a family’
In 1951, the Secondary School Section was separated definitely form the primary when Miss Olive Compton moved the Secondary division of the school to its present site at Kabumdo. The firm establishment of the High School is attributed to Miss Compton who conceptualise the school as H.M.S Excellence (A Ship) and had the school designed architecturally as such.

4. Important School Dates
15th September: WRIGLEY’S DAY (Arrival of Rev. & Mrs. Wrigley in the Gold Coast)
3rd Sunday of November: SCHOOL HARVEST
2nd Saturday of February: SPEECH & PRIZE GIVING DAY
Last Saturday of October or first Saturday in November: INTER-HOUSE ATHLETICS
3rd Sunday of December, CAROL SERVICE
21st May: OLIVE DAY (Birthday of Miss Olive Compton)

1998 : The Best Candidate in General Arts
1999 : The Overall Best Candidate: The Best Candidate in General Arts
2003 : The third Overall Best Candidate
2005 : 2nd Overall Best Candidate: The Best Candidate in General Arts
2006 : 1ST Overall Best Candidate, 2nd Overall Best Candidate, Best Candidate in Business, Best Candidate in General Science
2007 : Best General Arts Candidate, 2nd Overall Best Candidate
2008 : Best General Arts Candidate
National Science and Math Quiz
2008 : 3rd Position
Inter- school Athletic Competitions – Zonals & Super Zonals
2006 : 1st position in the zonals, 1st position in the super zonal
2007: 2nd position in the zonals, 2nd position in the super zonals
2008: 3nd position in the zonals, 3rd position in the super zonal
Inter-school Regional Games Competitions
Discipline 2006 2007 2008 2009
Basketball 1st position 1st position 1st position 1st position
Handball 1st position 4th position 3rd position 4th position
Hockey 2nd position 1st position 3rd position 3rd position
Table Tennis 4th position 1st position 1st position 1st position
Soccer 2nd position 2nd position 2nd position –

Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, French, Elective Mathematics
Business: Business Management, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics
General Arts: Literature in English, Christian Religious Studies, History, French, Music, Economics, Elective Mathematics
General Knowledge-in-Art, Geography
Visual Arts: Graphic Design, Picture Making, General Knowledge-In-Art, Elective Mathematics, Textiles
Home Economics: Management-In-Living, Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Economics, General Knowledge-In-Art, Chemistry, French, Music, Textiles

The school offers a wide range of Club Activities.
Child Rights, American Field Society (AFS), Ghana United Nations Students Union (GUNSA), Forum for African Women Educationist (FAWE), Civic Education, Cadet Corps, Students Youth Tourism Organization (SYTO), Choir, Ghana Methodist Students Union (GHAMSU), Village Outreach, Wildlife, Writers and Debaters, Readwide, Science, French, Home Economics Family Life Education (FLCE), Fiankoma or Computer and Science Club, Red Cross, Drama, Rangers, Junior Achievers/Investment, The Home Economics club for all form one students
Every student must be a member of at least one club in the school and must not be a member of more than two clubs at a time.

1958: donation of Mowers, Resograph & Distillation apparatus
1960: Pulpit
1965: Donation of 40 million Cedis towards refurbishment of the reading room, DVD player, Television set.
1966: Utensils for the kitchen, Establishment of a sponsored High Profile Leadership Programme for 22 girls in the school.
1967: refurbishment of sick bay and its regular maintenance.
1968: Renovation & refurbishment of Home Economics practice house.
1972: Donation of Computer, Carpet, Wall Picture, Desk and Chair.
1974: Contribution of the 170th Anniversary Monument.
1975: Contribution of Gallery in the Assembly Hall, pavement of the Attraction Lane, Provision of rest room for Chapel, Renovation of stage.
1976: Construction of Monumental Gate.
1977: Renovation of kitchen pantry, Cabling of new computer Lab and provision of Computer tables.
1978: Donation of Leyland School bus, Kitchen Utensils
1979: Renovation and refurbishment of the Home Economics Block
1980: Renovation and refurbishment of Staff Common Room
1981: refurbishment of Biology Lab
1982: Renovation and refurbishment of five offices and provision of Solar Lighting System for Form 3 Block
1983: Cold store for kitchen
1984: Conversion of Clothing room to Ultra modern Physics Lab (yet to be completed)
1985: Donation of TATA Intercooler doubles Cabin Pick-up
1986: Renovation of Finch Library
1987: Renovation of Computer Lab and donation of Computers
1988: Setting up of a Teachers’ Research Centre
2008: Donation of JAC Truck.
2009: Donation of 1,500 plastic chairs and 10 rooms of canopies.



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